Your Ultimate Laptop Buying Guide

Due to the emergence of so many companies of laptop, it is really confusing to select one. The answer to your all question can be found in this laptop buying guide. It is a fact that before buying anything you have to inquire about it and get enough knowledge about it. Unfortunately, there are so many laptops in the market that each one is better from one another in many aspects; so, to find a perfect one is a bit difficult. Some people go for appearance and some focus on the features, but the thing is that both are important and there is no benefit of buying the laptop if it is not satisfying for you.

The Most Important Factor of Cost:

Not only in case the of laptops, but before buying anything your first priority is to go for the thing that is affordable and not costly. Therefore, first you have to set a budget. Still, it is not mandatory that you must have to spend as much as you can afford and is in your range. The prices of laptops are never consistent and they keep on changing; you can choose a good one for less than a thousand dollars. It is very easy to determine that how much you have to spend on your laptop. Prices are usually due to specifications or brands. It is better to go for the specifications rather than going for the brands.

Define Your Usage of the Laptop:

Everyone have his own needs that they consider while buying a laptop. For instance, it could be for official use, for home use, for kids, for studying or for gaming. The usage of the laptop is very important because the selection of laptop depends on this. Let’s consider the usage in following categories:

    • Light usage of the laptop: In this category the use is just for domestic use at home. For example, for kids as they just want to play games or for teens because they want to surf the Internet. Most of the times, family usage is limited to the social networking which consists of organizing and sharing photos on the social media and also used for e-mails. These laptops can be easily bought at a low price, even on a pretty impressive discount.
    • Average usage of laptops: The average includes all the tasks that are done on spread sheets , PowerPoint or is related to document creation. Average usage also includes the storage that is necessary for storing the movies and streaming music. The average use is especially concerned with the youngsters; they need more storage or memory.
  • Demanding usage of the laptops: This type of use is particularly related to your professional life and work at office; usually where multi taking is involved. The multiple tasking consists of multiple tabs and many other programs running simultaneously. This may also include video making or graphic designing and storage for this purpose. For this to run smooth, you need a powerful processor, high memory and storage space. Due to this, it is very obvious that users will prefer a laptop with higher resolution and good quality screen as well. So, you have to invest a bit more in this sorts or laptops for its improved performance and other related features.

How important is the portability for you, before buying the laptop:

The portability is another important factor to consider before buying the laptop. The screen size matters a lot and also the all types and capacity of storage space, whether it is built in or in the from external resources. The other specification is the presence of players that include CD or DVD. These all features and specifications have a clear impact on the size and weight of the laptop.

There are categories for the weight of laptop as well. Generally, it falls in three categories that are as follows:

    • Less than 3lbs or exact 3lbs: These kinds of laptops are considered as best for the students and also for the people who travel half of their life. It is a best option in a way that student and travelers need to perform the tasks like basic emailing and just surfing the web. They are easy to take along with because they are light weight.
    • 4-5 lbs: This version is somewhat moderate types of laptops and one can  call it the medium size. It provides a good selection and balance between the power and portability. It is considered best for university students, entrepreneurs, small business owners, or executives in large firms.
  • More than 6lbs or exact 6lbs: These laptops carry weight because of the features they have. These laptops are of course potable but meant for desk people. These laptops may be cheap or may be very expensive, still they are best if you don’t move around a lot and your laptop is usually lying on the table or the desk where you work. Laptops that are made for avid gamers or people who need a durable hardware usually come in this weight class.

Determining that your laptop is a good choice or not:

You can take in a considerable measure around a tablet by taking care of it. Pivots and fastens are meant to make them sufficiently durable to withstand every day use. The top and body are commonly produced using plastics or aluminums; check whether they are satisfactorily inflexible and lightweight. Test the track pad and mouse catches if they permit you to firmly click, scroll and zoom without skipping.

Most laptops come with and without the numeric pad one the side of the regular keyboard. Laptops with small screen sizes usually do not have the numeric pad and the ones with 15 or more screen sizes have one. It is all up to you what screen size you want and whether you need a separate numeric pad or not. Usually it is a good choice to have the numeric pad, in case your future needs may make you regret not having one when you had the chance to get a laptop with one.

Consider the operating system before buying the laptop:

Operating system is the feature that controls all the software and hardware including all the storage and memory, so it is very important. Most of the times you will have a licensed copy of the operating system that would work best with your machine. Still, if you already own a license and don’t need a new one, it is best to see which machine would work best with the operating system you intend on using.

Other variables to consider:

Some laptops have a dedicated graphics card for improved display and give out better visuals on the screen. Such laptops are good if you want to use your machine for games or intend to use graphics related software on your machine. Also ensure that you opt for more RAM, the more the better.


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