How Windows 10 is spying over you!

How Windows 10 is spying over you!

Microsoft recently launched a platform, where it has provided a free upgrade to Windows 10  for the users who have original Windows 7 or 8. It delivers more features and applications than the previous windows versions like it is made for easy use, also the focal ratio is more  in  terms of usage & downloading, also the built in Apps, Games, Entertainment and lots lots more.

Then where the weak thing is put up?

Windows 10 is doing something unusual and they did not even know about it. The users just believe in the fact that this version of Windows is great and it has no disadvantages.

There is nothing free in this world:

Goose egg is loose in this world not at all special technology wise, if you are dying to bribe a small product like mobile you have to ante up some money for it, like buying a computer / laptop you receive to purchase original windows as well in order  to employ the original software and other necessary matters for present and future use and that’s costly to a fault.

So, Why is they are giving you Free Windows Upgrade?

Thus, my tip is that when nothing is free then how they giving you free update, why are they asking again and again to upgrade your windows. Neither Microsoft or any of its worker there is not your ally, relative or anybody, they don’t care for you or your money and they simply require people to do what they want and so in this way they take your advantage.

The Big Problem lies within Windows 10 and You:

Yes, the largest problem lies within you and Windows 10 itself as you did not recognize about the fact that Windows 10 is spying over you. Yes, the Windows 10 is secretly spying over you, all your activities, all your words and even transferring these to all other scores.

Taking on the part of a clandestine agent, this variation of Windows is slowly but steadily transferring all your info from one source to another, including your contacts, email addresses, passwords and every private matter you received or you have save to keep it as as a secret.

This is a non-believing fact, but that is true and yes it is occurring. It is the fact that Microsoft has launched and build this free version of Windows 10, just to get your personal data which includes passwords to a fault.

A jolt to hear this, but that is true and you have the right to know about each and everything that Microsoft is spying over you by the means of using these windows.

What they are stealing from you and why?

The blow to notice that someone is stealing all your personal information is a feeling of anger and betrayed when you still did not recognize the fact. Thus, the fact is that the Microsoft is betraying you because you harmonize to their terms and conditions document when upgrading to Windows 10.

I agree to the Terms and Conditions:

Yes, you agree to the term and conditions of the Microsoft Windows 10. This accord is not a raw thing, but you rather missed it or only agree it without learning the necessary matters. You, overlooked it because either it was too long or you usually agree to their terms and conditions when like installing or upgrading Windows.

The documents which a long one contain the assertion that Microsoft will be employing all your data including personal information, contact, passwords and other private matters will be transferring it or may even leak it to other contacts or account and that’s for better usage of service and feedback too.

How is Windows 10 is Spying over you and advancing access to my Data:

Today, the answer lies that how Windows 10 is spying me, as you agree to their terms and condition. There are also some applications that are making this possible, they are:-

  1. Collecting your Personal Data:

This is certainly unusual thing and a something to worry about too, because as you use Windows 10, there comes an app which you can call as your personal guide, personal assistance and your personal data collector called or namely as Cortana the spying machine or your personal data collected app. This app is like a voice over commend agent which likes you like collect your personal data, including contacts, email addresses, password, messages, internet account and even a great deal more to activate it and apply it.

  1. Browsing History Collected:

Much like the personal data collection app, namely Cortana spying machine. This app also collects your data in terms of internet usage and it can collect your password, email id or even contact too.

It is basically Microsoft takes the an advertising ID for each and every device when they are about to enter a device and shares this ID with the email addresses and in this way they collect your Internet account, internet data, internet password and internet shopping.

    3.Data Collection Secretly

Microsoft Window 10 is secretly collecting information by their data sync with One Drive. This is caused by the method that every time when you log in to your Microsoft account to a device or an operating organization, then this collects your data rapidly and send the data to other computers, account, servers and other users. Data collection could include wifi password, other passwords, email id, browsing history and other important matter as comfortably.

  1. Password Collection

Password collection is now possible in Windows 10 as it is an app and includes in it. This app not only shares your password, but also it collects your password and share with other users. This app is usually named as password collecting WiFi Sense app which allows the users of Hotmail, Facebook and other online app to use your password resulting in the misuse of the internet and slow down the speed of your own WiFi.

Concerns and certain Measures to overcome it:

The primary and the most important event is about your privacy concerns. As it is being misguided. You never knew where your data is gone or where it is being transported.

Some of the facts that we can act to preclude such things are as under:-

  • Try some app like to protect and prevent your data to be unrevealed is the blanking out of data collection app O&O Shut up app. This will not simply protect you from data transferring but also will ensure you that your privacy come first.
  • Preparing ourselves for privacy concerns and misuse of our data and preventing ourselves not to have anything happen to our privacy.
  • Attempt to disable all the apps like Cortana, WiFi Sense password app or even data sync one drive app.

By answering these kind of affairs we cannot prevail anything bad from happening, but will too allow our data not to access to any other source or any other party.


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