Why Choose an Android Phone?

When it comes to smartphones, there are innumerable smartphones in the market. But the difference lies in the Operating system of the phones, is there any operating system better than Android? The answer is simply No! The most common operating systems in the modern smartphones are Java, Symbian and Android. Java provides limited multitasking features and supports limited apps. Symbian one level higher and more powerful than java but Android is exceptional.

But the question is that what are the reasons to go for Android phones? If you go to buy a mobile phone for your personal use, why should you choose a mobile handset with Android Operating system? Below mentioned are some thrusts that why should you choose Android phones.

Control in you hands

Get full control to your hands by having an Android smartphone. The Android smartphones are powerful and can perform every task like a PC. In short, you have a PC in your hand in shape of Android phones. Full access to website, live streaming on the web, download, upload, view, creates and much more; Android phones offer functions of every type to be performed on them with a boosting speed. What else do you require than a portable pocket computer with high quality graphics and uncountable exceptional features?

Full multitasking

Multitasking was common around in the smartphones but the smartphones with the Android operating system provides full multitasking features. Performing more than one task at a same time was never as easy as it is with the Android handsets. Listening to music, downloading files on one tab while uploading on the other tab, accessing files on the servers or anything that you can perform at one time, will not at all affect the performance and speed of your mobile handset.


Most Android phones with a higher price tag have navigation systems in them. This feature provides the chance to access maps of your area and other areas as well. Directions, keys and roads can be viewed using your Android mobile phone. Not a big deal if you do not have an expensive car with a navigation system, your mobile handset can perform the full job.

Free services

The app store of Android handsets is full of powerful and stunning features. You can look for your desired services and apps in the app store and get it downloaded to your mobile at any instant. One good example of App store application is the Viber. Download Viber to you handset and enjoy free calls with your Viber mates; no charges at all. Another good example of Android app store is Iphone app which lets you enjoy free calls with the other users of Iphone. Apart from this, there are tons of other apps that you can choose and get them on your phone.

In addition, these apps give you free updates. Almost all the social platforms provide you free apps in the play store that you can use without any charge.


To conclude, Android phones are mini pocket computers that can perform tasks of a mobile phone as well as of computers. It is better to spend a relatively greater amount of money on Android phones rather than buying a Simple Smartphone. It is fast, competent, and the best Personal digital Assistant you can have while on move.


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