Your Ultimate Phone Buying Guide

Your Ultimate Phone Buying Guide

Why do you need a phone buying guide? Before buying a cell phone, the questions that come to almost everyone’s mind is that: Which cell phone is good for me? or should I buy this cell phone or not?

It is perfectly normal owing to all the latest technology, there are so many cell phones that are so luring and near to perfect, you are bound to be confused about buying one. There are so many superb choices that confuse you, for example iPhones, Samsung Galaxy range, Lumia phones just to name a few manufacturers.

The most important and primary factor on which the purchase depends is the price range. You would always think about the price of the phone before taking a look at the features of the cell phone. However, looks too can be deceiving this is why you need a phone buying guide to help you select the right phone.

It is obvious that before buying anything you need the necessary knowledge about it because of the fact that you might be investing your money in it. The phone buying guide is necessary because your money is not to waste. If you are spending your money on the cell phone then it has to be for your good. In case you buy a cell phone without getting the much needed knowledge about it just because of its appearance then you are soon going to regret it. The few important things that you have to know and can be considered as a guide before buying a cell phone are:

1: The first rule of this phone buying guide, Inquire about the features:

What happens is that when you decide to get a new cell phone; you want it as soon as possible. This is the reason that you cannot wait and you most probably go for the first or second cell phone with bad features, but falls in your budget. This is not the way to select cell phone. You have to inquire about the cell phones first. But we intend not to let this happen with this phone buying guide.

There are many mediums on which you can search; few of them are as follows:

  • You can inquire about the features and capability of the mobile phone from the person who has already has it or used it.
  • There are many websites online that can help you in inquiring about the reviews and response of the people that used the phone.
  • Online you can also check all the features of the phone in just one click.
  • You can go to the mobile market and can inquire about the most selling phone.

There is nothing to worry about; you just need to stay calm before getting a new phone. When you get a phone in hurry it is always a mess. Inquire about all the possible features that exist in the mobile phone like for example battery timing, camera, screen, mobile internet connectivity, internal memory and any other feature you can think of.

2: Go for the features you want for your phone:

It depends on that how much you understand about the features of the mobile phones. In case you know much about the mobiles than you can easily set your criteria for buying a phone. You have to go for the mobile phone that has all the features you want or wish for your phone. But the thing is that if you are getting the same desired feature in less price but the brand from another brand that you had in mind, inquire about it and if the response is positive than grab it.

An important tip in this phone buying guide is that don’t spend your money for the sake of manufacturers name. There are many features that might not be available in the brand you initially wanted but you might be getting the same features or even better in some cases from other brands. So why go for lower features when you can have better.

3: Find the right design for yourself before buying the mobile phone:

Buying a cell phone is not that easy, you have to find the cell phone will all the perfections you want like for example the features, appearance, warranty, capabilities and much more. The design matters a lot for everyone and in this phone buying guide as well, but you have to keep in mind that both features and design are important. You have to make sure that you feel comfortable and satisfied with the design that you select. If you are a professional, don’t go for colors like yellow or bright blue because it do not leave a good impression, you need to be formal in your choice black and white are the best formal colors.

 4: Choose between a keypad phone and a smart phones:

An important tip in this phone buying guide is that if you have the budget and your dont mind living in the modern world, choose a touch screen smart phone. They are at the top of today’s mobile phones. Smart phones have all the features that one needs in the mobile phone. A powerful fast processor, quality image resolution screen, with front and back camera, WIFI and mobile internet connectivity, loads of internal memory capacity and pixel rich screen are few of the prominent features of smart phones. But they last a day at most with a full charge. Keypad phones also have some of these features like memory space and camera but not that fancy. Still in terms of battery life, they are like Achilles, too hard to kill.

 5: The last of the phone buying guide: The basic phones:

There are so many people that are less interested in fun like, they do not need games, memory, desktop quality etc. They do not have any thing to do with the web pages and android facilities all they are concerned about is to pick a call or make a call that is it. They always choose the basic phones that are reliable for them and they can use them easily because the basic phones consist of the uncomplicated system and also a very simple key pad.

The guide for basic phones is that there are many companies that are making new basic phones with the addition of one or two advanced features. If you are a simple person then go for the old models of the basic phones because they are better and long lasting than the other new basic phones. But if you want to buy new basic phones then go for the one which have long battery timing with affordable prices.

Still, there are many phones that are both touch and type and make a nice combo for people with basic needs and with a modern touch. There is no specific screen size of the basic phone; they are suitable for anyone and can be used without a hassle.


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