Smart Tweaks for Improving Your Android Phone

If you are an android user, you wont be surprised to know that can customize your cell phone with different and exciting apps. Android in an open source platform which means that you have access to tons of third party apps that you can use to amplify how you use your phone.

However, with time your phone gets bogged down and slow, hurting your productivity. Here we are going to tell you about some easy to do tweaks that you can do to smarten up your smartphone.

The first thing you need to understand is how actually you use your phone. This will help you sort out the apps you need and don’t need. There are many apps that consume high battery and cost heavily on performance, disturbing the overall performance of the phone. From the apps you use, there must be substitutes in the apps store that consume low battery.

Start by letting go of the apps you do not use and the ones that use low power. When you have shredded down your phone to bare essentials, you can move ahead and further smart tweak your phone to get the best performance.

Start with Background Apps. Try to use lightweight background apps. There are some apps running in the background even when you are not using the phone; like music player, browsers or Skype. The best way to prevent background usage is to install light weight apps. If there is no way around to a specific app, you can also go to its settings and turnoff the feature that keeps an app active even when you are not using it.

Avoid Animations: Try to avoid animated wallpapers and screen savers. Many users like animated wallpapers. It decreases the performance and drains battery very quickly. Resultantly, the phone become heavy and takes time to respond. Instead of live or animated walls, simple wallpaper is a better option. As for the screen saver, you can choose to turn the screen blank or use a simple clock on the screen when you are not using it. Still, a blank screen is still a better option to conserve battery and performance.

Use Memory Card: Many smart phones have a limited internal or built in storage. These phones are not sufficient for storing different desired apps. Memory cards are used to increase the storage space of your phone and work as an additional storage space. The main benefit of memory cards is that you can increase as much storage space as you want, subject to the allowance of your phone. It also speeds up your phone. There are different sizes in which memory cards are available. Normally, memory cards range from 2-GB of expandable space to 128-GB, providing high speed reading and writing operations. Memory cards also come with different classes with respect to performances. A class-6 or class-10 memory card is best is you are looking for good performance in your android phone.

Update Your Phone: Many users ignore updating their phones. As they consider it time consuming. But updating phone on regular basis is very important to keep your phone away from bugs and memory issues. Try to update your apps when needed.  As developers fix bugs, add new features and sometimes customize the app size. When we update our apps, it always performs faster and better. It also avoid phone by unknown crashes and improves your android phone usage.

Disable Unwanted Apps: There are many apps in our android phones which are installed as default and we don’t use them on regular basis. In this case these apps run in background for no reason. Through performance assistance you can check them and disable them if they are no longer in use.When you disable your app, it does not get uninstalled. But only it get stop for further use. Whose apps which we disabled do not show on home screen or in any app tray.You can get these apps back whenever you want by re-enable them. It will work properly as it does before.

Install cleaning apps: There are many apps in play store that automatically clean your device from junk data and improves your battery usage. For example “Clean Master” is considered as best cleaning app for android phone; and help a lot in improving phone performance. It allows user to clean all junk data and files from the phone.

It also provides features that speed up phone like phone boost and CPU cooler. It also improves performance of the RAM. Moreover it prevents phone storage and memory card storage from viruses. Clean Master also provides its own application management system. That allows user to create backups for important file an also un-install option for unwanted apps. These smart apps provide successful smart tweaks to improve the overall performance of your android phone.

Set “Battery Save” Mode “On”: Even when you are not using your phone; your android phone is constantly synchronizing your phone’s data, checking your mail and looking after various activities that are running in the background. That’s why the gear turns every second which consumes battery power. For this reason, the best approach is to on your power saving mode, which runs your phone at low power consumption state. Power saving mode stops synchronizing phone’s data and minimizes background usage at its absolute.

Lower Screen Brightness: Many people like bright screen while using their smart phones. But they don’t know much battery this feature consumes and cause lower its power very quickly. With high brightness and long screen glows, the battery will drain very rapidly. It is better to decrease your screen brightness. Still, if you turn it to automatic adjustment, the phone will automatically adjust the brightness according to the need of the user, adding life span to battery life.

Back Up Photos while Charging: Many of us back up our photos and documents on Google Drive as it is a safe and easy way to retrieve your data when you need it. However, with the advantage of being highly accessible, there are some disadvantages as well. The Drive app takes a lot of resources while uploading the files to the cloud storage and this causes battery usage. The best way to avoid battery problem while uploading files on Google drive, upload when you are charging your android phone. The power issue will resolve automatically.

Uninstall or Move Apps: Last but not the least is uninstalling unwanted apps. Sometimes there are apps which are not in use by us. But they are still in our phone and use memory as usual. Try to check your phone frequently and uninstall whose apps which are not further in use. Another way to prevent with poor memory is to move your apps on memory or SD card of your android phone. It will help managing the phone space and your phone will work properly.

Every phone needs to be maintained for proper usage. These smart tweaks to improve your android phone usage will surely boot your smart phone when you apply them.


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