LinkedIn Features that Most People Ignore

LinkedIn Features that Most People Ignore

LinkedIn is one of the tools of social media used for business to provide networking services. It is specially designed for the business community. Its aim is to allow its member to establish their connections with other members and companies so they can know them professionally.

LinkedIn is one the best social – networking site used in all over the world. It is also most trustworthy website. Like other networking website like face book, twitter, LinkedIn is also a free website for basic membership. It ranks in one of the top ten websites.

LinkedIn is a complete package. Package of people’s education, training, employment history, groups, connections, resume, blogs, websites etc. It helps individual to promote their identity and companies to promote their business.

This social media tool is used by people who are searching for jobs, recruiters who want to hire, people who want to stay connected with business world, companies who wants to introduce their businesses, bloggers who want to show their creativity etc

This website includes many features which helps its users to stay connected. Following are the some highlights of those features:

  • People you may know.
  • Who viewed you profile.
  • Posting on your wall and in groups.
  • Posting jobs.
  • Searching for jobs.
  • Following groups and companies pages.
  • Review of home page.
  • Messaging your first level connections.

To use this application at its best, we must know its all key features. Some of the features which people usually ignores are discussed below:


To make more and more connections with people and groups in order to have strong network. As it is important to have more connections, it is also important to have appropriate connections with people. It is strongly recommended that you accept invitation of people you know. You need to ignore or report as spam invitation from unknown people. For this you can make changes form privacy & settings in which you can choose who can send you invitations.


Incorporation of keyword such as summary, interest, job titles, job description etc. It will help to boost up your search engine and will make your profile more appealing to employers. Your summary should include keywords that are relevant with your goals and objectives. Your skills should have keywords that are required by employers. Your interest should have keywords which include additional information beside your profile.


Most of the LinkedIn users don’t pay attention to give recommendations. Recommendation from your colleagues, seniors or business partner gives a strong credibility of your abilities mentioned in your profile. It is time consuming and longer process but very effective. This is also one the reason why you are recommended to accept invitation from people you know.  Recommending your colleague or subordinate gives an impression of your trust and believes in them.


An endorsement is a fast and easy process. It helps others to acknowledge about your experience and skills you posses for the endorsed title. Endorsements help a lot to highlights your keywords mentioned in skills and expertise.


Making a profile on LinkedIn not makes you an active member. To remain active member you need to use pictures, videos or articles on your wall. You need to check your homepage and inbox on daily basis. If you are job seeker you need to like, comment post or share articles posted by employers or company. It will help them to know your interest and follow-up on them. Companies can be active by marketing their strategies, nature of work, their products, through pictures, videos or sharing articles that defines them.


As making connections with individuals is important, group connections are also important. Groups represent a bundle of people sharing same interest and skills. Participation in group highlights your team skills, leadership, liberal and open-minded. Making groups connection reveals your additional and hidden skills.


While searching or finding people on LinkedIn, people usually forget to use advanced search option. This option helps to find people with specific skills which you are looking for. It also save time and make process easier and quicker.


Headshot refers to your profile picture. People often pay no attention on this feature. Some people avoid this as they consider this a personal area. People want to connect not only with name but also with face. Knowing someone by face makes us feel comfortable. Since it’s a professional website, your headshot should be simple. Headshots give credibility to your profile.


Your postings should be appropriate and thoughtful. You shouldn’t post every article or statement which comes on your wall. Irrelevant posting may create bad impression and negative impact of your profile. Your posting should provide knowledge to your connections.


Keep a follow-up with your connections. If someone sends you a message, liked your post, comments on your post, reply them back. This act will help you strengthen your connections and will highlight your friendly and positive attitude.


If a company profile is set-up, next step is to create company’s product or service page. It is important for strengthening business connection. Your company and product/services should have difference. Company’s profile should elaborate overall company strategies, activities, core products, departments, careers, competitors etc. But product/ service profile will give full detail about its usage, prices, alternatives advantages etc. This page will be helpful for marketing your specific or core product/ services.


While sending invitation for connections you need to personalize your message. Personalizing message will show your keen interest for having connection them. Include greetings and brief intro of yourself to personalize your message.

For using anything at its best we should know all its features. If you want to keep connected with your past and current colleagues professionally, LinkedIn is the best networking website. From student till CEO everybody stay connected professionally on this platform.


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