Elements of Bad Internet Marketing

Bad internet marketing practices are those things that are supposed to be avoided while doing an online business. While surfing the website one should think twice before clicking the ads from the business websites just believing on the internet marketing done by that very website. Many a times the malpractices of these sites cause harm to the PC by introducing Worms or Trojans associated with them due to low quality software designing.

A good business website should be successful in drawing the client’s attention towards it without teasing the user or without causing any harm to the surfer’s system. In doing that, it is very much imperative to make sure to avoid some minor things which distract the surfers away from a website.

First among them is having pop-up ads constantly trying to open on the screen while users want to surf something important. When the web surfers have to undesirably do such things, it makes them upset and simply switch to some other website which does not waste their time.

If online ads make the site load slowly or try to trick the user in clicking onto it, it makes the user irritable. When the clicked pop-up does not say what it was supposed to, or it blinks off and on floating across the screen, it gives the surfer the worst experience. Another bad element of the internet marketing comes into play when surfer sees the constantly flashing ad covering most of the window and hiding the content reader wants to see.

Last but not the least low quality sites, which do not have a close button! When these types of site are accidentally opened the user is left with no choice except to close the parent site thus losing the important material which the surfer wanted to take a look upon.

Regrettably, most sites doing internet marketing solely neglect surfer’s experience with online ads. Consequently, the sites that accept those ads know little about what effects the ads will have on their users and the extent to which the awkward marketing tactics can destabilize the credibility of a site.


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