Best Headphones for 2016

Whether you want to listen to music, watch videos or a movie inside or away from home, you need to have a pair of headphones that are not just comfortable to wear but also provide quality audio. Finding the best headphones can be difficult owing to the range that is out there to choose from. Your choices depend on the requirements, and most of the times you need something that is both, cost effective and has quality output.

Knowing and remembering about some of the best headphones always comes in handy by helping you avoid getting a headphone which although is of low price, but is not easy to wear or is less audio effective in producing sound quality.

Before paying for any headphone you must square up two things first:-

  • The headphone, you are buying for yourselves must be easy to put on, have soft pads so that they are not that hard that your ears start to hurt after wearing them.
  • Second thing which is also important is the quality of sound you hear. Yes, the quality of the sound, the variations in the sounds produced must be distinguishable and clear, giving you the sound as it was designed to be heard.

These two things are mandatory in any headphone you own, so that you experience the true feel of it without having to adjust it times again. And if the headphone you believe that you should have is in your budget, there is no turning away from it.

Technology Progress? So as in Headphones too:

Millions of people out there love music or have the inherent desire to experience sound as it needs to be done. This craving of owning some of the best headphones made headphones far more better than what they were only a few years back.

Today, a headphone contains all the features that make it produce impeccable sound quality including audio enhancing, audio boosting and noise canceling.

These are some of the things to find out when buying a good quality headphone:-

  • Noise Canceling Effect: Noise canceling means reducing disturbances and unwanted interference while the sound is produced. Such headphones can, when listening to music provide clear sound without a lot of distractions giving the listener a remarkable feel of calmness and crystal clear sound.
  • Echo Cancellation Effect: Echo cancellation is the cancellation of the sound picked up by the listener after the direct audio or sound. For instance, the sound heard during the transcription of the live music or sound. This helps in getting the sound that is free from echoes and voice overs.

So, which ones are the best headphones for the year 2016, below is the list along with there features, making it much easier for you to decide the one you want:-

1. Sony Headphone the Best one MDR-1A:

The MDR-1A is one of the best headphones developed by Sony. This headphone has improved Noise & Echo cancellation features, provides quality sound, clear pitch variations and comfort like no other.

Sony MDR-1A has soft pads, allowing you to wear them for hours without any sprain or uneasiness. If you are waiting for the best headphones experience, this phone is the one that you will ever need. Plus, it is also used in music recording studios making it more than what you can even think of by providing more character to the sound, recording, audio and background.

    • Specialty: Can work for all devices, including iPhone, Tablet, iPad, PC and every other gimmick.
    • They are usable in both wired and unwired/wireless qualities.
  • That’s why it is the No.1 headphone and the best produced by Sony itself.

Price Range: 200 $-250$

2. Sennheiser Momentum Headphones; the best in quality:

These headphones come with a separable cable and come at the 2nd best headphones around. Almost all the reviews that you find about these headphones are 5 out of 5 because of the build quality, sound output, design and comfort, making them one of the best headphones around. Due to their soft pads and soft design, they are comfortable to put over your head and be there for hours without a sweat.

The audio quality of Sennheiser Momentum Headphones is also mesmerizing that it becomes addictive; as it possesses noise and echo cancellation, making listening to the music, videos or movies more comfortable than ever. They are usable in both wired and wirelessly. Sennheiser Momentum Headphones are foldable, which allows you to fold your pair of headphones. This way, these headphones occupy much lesser space. These headphones are available in different colors in stores. The best feature about these headphones being that they allow connectivity to different cables and devices including for iOS and Android devices. Price Range: 200 $- 300$

3. Wireless Headphones by Beats Studio

Since Beats Studio has set foot in the sound products industry, it has changed the way this industry worked, by setting new standards of quality and design. This wireless headphone is yet another example of fine audio engineering, making it one of the best headphones around. It comes with improved sound technology for wireless audio output, comfortable design and far better build quality than most headphones around.

Beats Studio wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to the device of your choice. These wireless headphones takes only a few seconds to connect to the device you want to and frees you from all the shackles of being wired. The only limitation you have is of the battery, which of course is limited. Just recharge your headphones and you are back in audio action. Price Range: 250$-300$

4. Smart Headphones by Beyerdynamic T51i:

The smart headphone by the Beyerdynamic usually referred as T51i are specifically made for Apple devices. This pair of headphone has additional control buttons for iPhones, allowing you to make, receive and cancel calls without having to take your headphones at all. With built in microphone, you can be sure that anyone on other side of the phone can also listen to you clearer than ever. Beyerdynamic T51i headphones are not just limited to apple devices, it comes with another adapter allowing non-apple devices to be connected to them also. 

Primarily being a pair of headphones, they output superb quality sound, distinct bass and treble along with superb noise reduction attributes. bought from authorized Beyerdynamic dealers, you also get 2 years warranty, ensuring the protection of your money for months to come ahead. Price Range: 250 $-280$

5. Better Audio Quality Headphone ATH-M50x by Audi-Technica:

Having the best audio quality, this headphone produced by Audi-Technica named as ATG-M50x have also the best sound quality and best boosting of the audio. Similarly, like others, it has also the cancellation quality of calling off the background disturbing and outside noises as well. The other advantage, also its best sound quality is on its price as it comes in only for $138.

Because it is just a headphone, it does not come with a mic. Still, excellent noise cancellation, super soft and comfortable cushions easily rank them as one of the best headphones around. Price range: 130$-180$

Thus, these were some of the best headphones of 2016, which were delineated by their monetary value, sound and audio quality and specifications as well. The earphones are always contrived for the demands of the customers, just the difference is of their usage and specification.

Wired headphones have its own advantage and wireless has its own. Headphone’s good quality is solely found by the sound it produced and till the listener is comfortable with it. All of these headphones are the best headphones around and all top of the line. All you need to do is to try one.


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