5 Largest Data Centers In The World

A data center is the fundamental infrastructure of the digital world. As the cyber technology develops, the importance of data center has been increased for data storage and network competence. There are numerous data centers in all over the world, comprising the average size of about 100,000 square per feet. We can compile up the list of five largest data centers on the basis of size and capacity.

  1. Range International Information Group:

Range International Information Group is located in Langfang, China, having 6,300,000 Sq. Ft areas. The rapidly growing economy and technological development in china has led the Chinese government to empower IT sector with all latest facilities and resources. The growing demands of IT sector, the data centers are established. Range International Information Group data centre has been established in the Hebei province which can be compared with the bulk of the Pentagon in Washington.

It is the largest IT infrastructure platform in the Hebei Langfang Economic Development sector. Range International Information Group data center is founded to be host of e-government, administrative coordination, data transportation, and food & drug safety services. The main purpose of establishment of Range International Information Group is to provide design services, business applications, technological training and solutions.  This latest cloud computing data center is an IT hub for enhancing the economic development and technological development in china. This data center is also very helpful to accommodate the essential demands for mobile devices and computing systems.

  1. Switch SuperNAP:

Switch SuperNAP is second largest data center across the globe, situated in Nevada, USA, covering the area of almost 3,500,000 million Sq. Ft. the headquater of Switch SuperNAP is situated in  the far off areas of Las Vegas, southern Nevada where no risks of natural calamities and disasters. The US government has been planning to extend this data center’s area about 1,000 acres in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Centre which will be built with expenditure of about one billion dollars.

The main purpose of establishing such grand data center is to make Nevada as the most digitally advanced state in United States. The task of extending this splendid data center will be accomplished till 2020 or 2025. In this data center, the connection of Reno, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco will be set up by deploying the fiber optic network over 500 miles. The data will transport to Reno and Las Vegas in the shortest time period of about seven milliseconds, allowing approximately fifty million people to get access to data within the range of fourteen milliseconds.

  1. DuPont Fabros Technology:

DuPont Fabros Technology is one of the greatest data centers of world, located in Virginia, USA, spanning the area of approximately 1,600,000 million Sq. Ft. DuPont Fabros Technology consists of six buildings where almost 28 computer rooms are fixed for accommodating 10.5 thousand servers while ACC7 comprises 450 thousand square feet commercial area to generate 41.6 MW of power. DuPont Fabros Technology offers exclusive power supply topology without any interruption, having a fantastic voltage electrical circulation system.

DuPont Fabros Technology, Inc. is well-known for operating twelve data centers among the four main marketplaces which has availability of 266 megawatts over three million square feet. DuPont Fabros Technology offers the services of power supply, protection, cooling system for the servers and IT-related items of the customers who want to promote their business safely by outsourcing of such potential data centers. The most important services of DuPont Fabros Technology for national and international customers include multiple fields of life like Technology, Media and communications, Healthcare, Cloud-based services, financial services, Internet content providers, etc. all kinds of business activities of different enterprises are operated by the most expert technical team of this datacenter.

  1. Utah Data Centre:

Utah Data Centre is also known as ‘Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cyber security Initiative Data Centre for the US Intelligence agency. Its main objective is to support Intelligence Community’s activities for monitoring and protecting the national interests. Its head quarter is located at Camp Williams near Bluffdale, Utah, encompassing the area of 1,500,000 million Sq. Ft. This magnificent data center has been established in May 2014 with the cost of 1.5 billion dollars. Its data storage capacity ranges between 3 and 12 exabytes, extending this storage capacity in future. Utah Data Centre’s electrical distribution system has been down after 13 months of its construction with the loss of one million dollars. This data center has the potentiality of accommodating the digital data of global networks due to its unique infrastructure designs; data storage capacity and mega electricity back up.

  1. Microsoft Data Centre:

Microsoft Data Centre has been established in April, 2014 with 1,200,000 Sq. Ft. space for building its official headquarter which is situated in  Iowa, USA. Being a Bill Gates’ company, Microsoft plans to establish gigantic data center with 6.3 million square feet in the future. Microsoft data center will launch the facility of expanding servers over one million square feet and this new extended data center will be set up till 2019-2021.

Microsoft is a renowned for deploying, supervising and maintaining the datacenters for almost 25 years. Microsoft data centers are popular among the potential customers for the reliability, sustainability, proficiency and productivity. Microsoft data center is very advanced technically and can manage to shift the workloads to alternate servers in the hours of urgency or power breakage. Microsoft’s cloud-scale data centers support fundamental infrastructure as well as foundational technologies for its massive online services like MSN, Skype, Bing, OneDrive, Xbox Live, and Microsoft Azure etc.

 The fundamental infrastructure is designed with approximately 100 data centers, comprising one million servers, edge computing nodes content distribution networks and fiber optic networks. Microsoft data centers are providing their valuable services for millions of customers with availability of 24x7x365. This marvelous data center is designed and controlled by expert technical staff. The potential customers may enjoy the best data center experience with Microsoft.


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