Your Ultimate Tab Buying Guide

Your Ultimate Tab Buying Guide

Introduction, why people prefer tablets:

The new technology is taking over the world and also the minds of human being, the buyers wish to have the most advanced technology for their devices like mobile phones, but now the demand for the computing devices is getting higher because of the fact that due to technology the computing devices are just not bound in the houses. The tablets that are computers are compact and powerful and they are also available in many sizes of screen display. That can help a person to take it away anywhere you go, without being bound at home.

For those who are used to mobile phones and going to buy the tablet for the first time, they will feel confuse and hesitant because of the variety and also because they are the new products at the market. The guide will help you in getting knowledge about the specifications and what should you must have to consider before buying the tablet.

Reasons, why own a tablet:

It is very obvious that tablet have its own specifications that are different from the mobile phones, but on the other hand it is also the fact that tablets is not the right choice for every single person. Tablets are not an option for everything like they fall in the middle of laptops and the new smart phone technology. They have the specifications of both the phones and the computer.  Those buyers that already have a laptop which is of small size, they do not prefer tablets.

Due to the variety of designs, portability and also the affordable attractive prices are the reasons behind the attention of buyers towards the tabs; they found it a smart choice as they replace their phone and laptop with one device. It is also the fact that they are easy and perfect to take along with one self during travel. They take very little space even can be taken in pockets; the tabs have a best quality screen that you will prefer watching movies during the travel, playing your favorite games and much more.

Choosing the tablet on the basis of operating systems:

One of the most important thing that you n=must have to consider first is the operating system of the tab you are selecting for yourself. This not only determines the application or programs but it also tells about the compatibility of the tab. There are few common types of operating systems that are mostly used for tabs, with some informative data about the operating systems will definitely help you out in selecting the best for you. The operating systems are as follows:


 It is the operating system that is used for all the products run by apple, including the I series that are for example IPHONES, IPADS, IPODS. It is not hidden from any one that iPAD is the most popular tab in the world and also customers favorite choice. By using this operating system one can use all the application by apple app store. The problem with this operating system is that it is only designed for the apple products.

Android operating system:

The other most common operating system is android, that is used in almost all the smart phones too. Actually the android operating system can be run on an application that is created by Google or on Google app store. The most important advantage of preferring the android operating system is that it enables you to use all the details of Google account and you can easily log in using your Google account. It allows you to share your all files, data, document, it also facilitate with you the option of backup in case of any loss of device.


It is the only operating system that is found on very few tablets and it is still making itself known in the field. The drawback that is faced if you are having the windows operating system is that all the initial versions of the windows are not made by keeping the touch screen in mind. It is the known fact that the windows are designed before the touch screen feature.

Black berry:

This is known as very fast and reliable operating system, like the iOS the black berry OS is found on all the products that are related to black berry. Due to this reason it is not for all the manufactures.

All that matters is features and specifications:

There are many other features and specification other than the operating system that are considerable before buying a tab .the specification vary in one brand from another, and that is only thing that makes brand particular. The other features and specifications that matters are as follows:

The size of the display screen: The display screen is considerable because people like to watch movies, for fun they play games, look and editing the photos a good quality display is necessary. There are people exist that only use their tablets for official use like for example just for reading emails and replying and sometimes just for typing the notes quickly. Those people do not worry about the display size because it does not matter to them. The size range for a tab is almost from 5 to 10 inches, you can choose any size that is suitable for you according to your need and personality.

Type of the processor: All of the efficiency and speed is dependent on the processor of the tab, it determines the speed .not only the speed it also have a positive effect on the battery life of the tab, it enhances it and make it better. The number of processor can change the capability of the tab in a way that more processor a tab posses the faster its speed is.

Storage of the tab: the hard drive is also a feature to consider, the size of the hardware. Because obviously buyers would have a plan to store movies, pictures and stuff.


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