Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Review

Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Review

There’s nothing characteristically wide of the mark with using a touchscreen for gaming on an Android smartphone or tablet, and in most games the onscreen panels will be positioned so as not to murky the action. But when it approaches to shooting,driving and action games, an appropriate controller marks it much easier to get stuck in.

Wireless controllers for Android are not unknown, but they freshly caught the eye when Xiaomi decided to join the party. Its Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad is a mash-up of aPS4 and anXbox One controller, very Xbox in its design and key button assignment, but its triggers are PlayStation all over.

That’s not a bad thing. The Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad appearance looks perfectly decent, at just 220g it has an enjoyable weightiness to it and, overall, it touches well-made and robust. Run your finger across the seam between bottom and top and you will sense a slender rough edge, but it’s not a major imperfection. Severe pressure assessments suggest the buttons will stance up to further than a million times standard use for as a minimum offive years, according to the corporation.

Well Engineered Structure:

Xiaomi has with judgment well-thought-out the design of each controller. There are grippe rubber tops to the left- and right thumb sticks, but a smooth sleeksurface underneath that supports them move fluently in any course. The ABXY keys and D-Pad feature this matching glossyfinish,smooth, and the latter uses four positioning pellets for enhanced accuracy when circling 360 degrees. Even the triggers are designed with relaxation in mind, with L2 and R2 extended and curved outward, letting your fingers to break contentedly when not in use, and develop a decent control when necessary.

Sensational By-Design:

Dual vibration motors (heavy on the rightand light on the left) and a Bosch G Sensor with three-axis gravitational acceleration provide a touch to gameplay you just don’t get when act together via a smartphone or tablet’s touchscreen. This Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad controller won’t slip-up from even the moistest of hands mid-action, and neither will it retain a gamer’s fingerprints.

A significant difference to the Xbox One controller is the tri buttons that assemble in the center of the Xiaomi Gamepad. You’ll find Menu and Back buttons, together with a Mi. button, which is used to pair the Gamepad with an Android device. Moreoverthe two slots at the rear and one at the top that appear to suggest you can attribute a support for holding your smartphone or tablet.


The Xiaomi Wireless GamePad links over Bluetooth 3.0 rather than the energy-saving Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1.The controller work simmaculately with the Samsung Galaxy S6. Contrary to what was read about the Xiaomi Wireless Gamepad online Gamepad was not capable to pair itself with an iPad or iPhone, but the controller works sufficient with Android smartphones and tablets, plus Android set-top boxesand Android TVs. You can preference it up on a Windows PC or laptop and Mac, as well.

Animperfection to the Xiaomi wirless Bluetooth Gamepad is its deficiency of a rechargeable battery. Relatively than recharging it over Micro-USB, you’llneed use double AA batteries. Which can be found in the box, but of the standard- instead of rechargeable range but to notified, rechargeable batteries are supported, but you’ll need to fund your own. Be that as it may, Xiaomi claims its controller agreements a one-year battery life in standby mode, which the Gamepad will come in after five minutes of inoperativeness.

The Xiaomi GamePad will not effort with every single game put in on your Android smartphone or tablet, even though numerous games are offered on Google Play that are attuned. Forin an easy reach go to AndroidGamepadGames.com for a list of what might work, then loaded up Beach Buggy Racing and Asphalt 8 – mutuallyloads more entertainment with a wireless gamepad than a touchscreen.

Setting It Up:

In command to get in full swingvia Xiaomi Wireless Gamepad you must put in the batteries then press the Mi switch. When it flashes white you should be able to pick it up in your smartphone or tablet’s Bluetooth surroundings; pair it with and connect to the Xiaomi Gamepad’s, then just load up a well-matched game to enjoy playing. As with all gamepads the controls will be slightly at variance between games. In each game there is a handy tutorial that give details which sticks,buttons and triggers to twitchorpush to get you to the finish line.


Xiaomi, this year has been releasing it devices like crazy. This China-based corporation has released the Redmi 2 receiver, which was tailed by the inaugurations of Mi Note, Mi Note Pro, Mi Box Mini and MiHeadphones.Xiaomi’s Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad is the corporation’s first gamepad, and it at any rategives the impressionof a compact piece of hardware.

With Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, which ultimatelylet you to link it anywhere you want, be it your Android Box, tablet, smart TV or smartphone. On the subject of its design, this devicebear a resemblance to the Xbox controller a whole lot and it has a dualisticin-built motors for superior experience. The battery would be efficient enough to 80 hours of gameplay and the Gamepadis equipped with three axis accelerometer.Its design bids a lot of curvatures and the establishmentdeclares it’s ergonomic, so it would fit anyone’s hand quite pleasantly. Xiaomi’s Bluetooth controller has a 10-meter functioning distance and it processesa156 x 104 x 65mm while it weigh up 220g.It won’t be for the whole world, but if you’re anintense mobile gamer the Xiaomi Wireless Gamepad will develop your experience with driving and action games on a smartphone or tablet.


Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller is undoubtedly one of the unsurpassed bluetooth controllers available. The compatibility with the Android games works well. The inclusive handling are smooth and comfortable too even though there are some negatives still.


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