Web.com Review

Web.com Review

Web.com is a US established establishment engrossed on website building, online marketing and website design. The establishment was initiated in 1997 and is portion of a big network of trademarks providing a wide-ranging variability of internet facilities. Moral candidates for the Web.com producer are small-business individuals and proprietors who search for a simple, straightforward website they can fashion and conserve themselves. Expressly, the preference “We Build It for You” from Web.com is a great select for any business or individual that does not have the curiosity, energyor time in scheming their website themselves. Then there is the option of “Do it yourself” which includes essentially everything including an easy to use website builder which you can put under the usage to create a unique and compelling website to assist your customers.

Hosting Packages – Essential, Professional, and First-class:

Web.com has three hosting packages proposals. All procedures consist of a website builder, admission to open source site backup, applications and a free domain name (as well as the choice to use apresent domain that you already possess).

The elementary plan encompasses the Essential Hosting, which take account of 300GB of storage and 10 email accounts. Then comes the plan of Professional Hosting, which renovates you to 25 email accounts and a disk storage of 500GB. Where as, Premium Hosting, which gives you unrestricted disk storage and 25 email accounts. For all procedures, the free domain is only for a year; afterward that an annual fee will be charged. You can sign up once-a-month, once a year, or for a two-year plan, which is expedient, though the two-year plan doesn’t net you a concession.

Features of Web.com:

Organizations, Individuals, and small businesses can get abundant custom-built sites at no outspoken cost. This contains professional design and copy transcribed just for you, end to end with a few additional features.

Business – Web.com will work for essentially any style of business, from retail stores to restaurants, whether or not they’re fascinated in e-commerce. When Web.com forms a site, they can make sure it’s recorded in search engines, and you’ll have the gears to track your site’s stats. Plus, you can upgrade to a responsive site, so customers can view your site on any screen dimension.

Portfolio – Designers, Musicians, and Artistes can shape a portfolio website to display case their work. This is an audience that will certainly appreciate the 2,900 website prototype saccessible.

Blog – Bloggers can use Web.com’s website builder to build a custom-made abode to share their views and opinions. The apparatuses to publish, insert images, generate content and endorsements are all presented by Web.com.

Web.com E-Commerce Store:

Scheduling an e-commerce store isn’t too tough in Web.com. Upon signing up for e-commerce store, a software wizard pops up to point in the factualroute. Then it directs to pick out one of the Web.com E-Commerce templates for the store. Subsequently, the procedure of uploading descriptions and product images follows.

Web.com stores let customers agree to take payments from every major credit card establishment, plus additional facilities counting PayPal. The boards also gives the choice to decide on a payment processor in case you didn’t by this time have one.

Web.com’s e-commerce resolutions are remarkably robust. Notwithstanding from adding products and handling briefings, you can keep track of your clienteles and send them publicizing posts. Web.com also make available users with comprehensive reports, and makes it tranquil to search for products, orders, and clients. There are also a cluster of additional features available together with the capability to generate coupon codes, tracking codes and customer blacklists for virtual advertisements.

Web.com Responsiveness Compatibility:

Even though in 2013, Web.com make known to support for mobile websites, mobile responsiveness isn’t precisely one of the builder’s durable get ups. As disparate to additional advanced platforms, Web.com mobile-friendly websites aren’t dynamically resized sorts of present sites, adjusted for smaller screens. In its place, they are entirely distinct sites that necessitate their own looking after, and that come with their own price tag.

Search Engine Optimization Tools:

Web.com SEO derives in a small number of different offerings. The establishment makes available full-service SEO sustenance for businesses and individuals of any proportions. These procedures consist of both off-site and on-site optimization. You as well get to communicate with a dedicated SEO executive on once-a-month basis.

SEO from Web.com also move toward in the form of education. You can sign up for any number of training Web.com curriculums that will help you learn about link building, analytics, and getting found while connected.

Web.com Top Pros and Cons:

There are a number of Web.com pros and cons to contemplate when associating this website builder in contrast to the many other wide spread preferences on the market at present. Despite the fact there are areas where Web.com benefits its consumers more than some other builders, principally, the assistances fall far short of the best builders, which are more intuitive, elegant, and manageable.


Over 2,900 varieties available for website design templates

Good e-commerce functionality

Preference to have Web.com expert’s custom build your website


Platform absences user friendliness inclusive

More costly than other website builders

No free trial


As a web hosting business, Web.com has not stand up constructively compared to their rivals. There’s an absence of factsand figures about some of the most essential things hosting clienteles will want to know.

Their SEO bundle give the impression like a great arrangement for the price; dedicated to submitting you to 5 search engines and/or business lists a month for under $200 once-a-month with a proficient website designed for you. However, the whole procedure is puzzling enough that it’s inflexible to unequivocally vouch for, for the most part for a beginner. While client service is worthy, it’s only presented by phone, and it would be appropriated if more services online are added.

In contrast, you can construct your own site on Web.com with its “Do It Yourself” Web builder which isn’t the most spontaneous apparatus, but it’s motionlessly probable to create functional and attractive websites with it.


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