Top 3 camera phones

As smart phones are being ever-present nowadays, they are also rapidly improving the traditional shoot cameras for taking speedy photos. The performance of smartphone cameras is quite good and have the capability to share the images with anyone and from wherever you are. But not all the camera phones can be treated equally, for example; newly launched iPhone 6 plus has very quick autofocus and dual LED flash and Samsung S5 can even survive underwater. The best three smart  camera phones are listed below:

iPhone 6 Plus

The camera of iPhone 6 plus is referred as the best camera overall. Compared to what other phones are providing the result of the photos taken, iPohone 6 plus easily makes it to the top of our best camera phones . It has some killer features that makes it the most desirable camera described below:

  • Focus Pixels; super-fast phase detection autofocus
  • Optical image stabilization; it smooth out the video when planning to shoot the fast running animals.
  • Local tone mapping; it decreases the overexposed images – best for shooting in the sunlight.
  • 8 MP Resolution; the traditional megapixel camera makes large 1.5 micron pixels for low light ability.
  • IOS 8; its camera allows to have control via various number of third party apps.
  • If someone have the problem with its 5.5 inch screen; iPhone 6 can be used as alternative, it has all the features except the image stabilization.

Samsung Galaxy S5

The camera of Samsung Galaxy S5 has all the best smartphone camera features. It is referred as one of the best cameras compared to a lot of smartphones. Galaxy S5 has all the features that anyone would like to have when holding a phone as a camera and some of them are described below:

  • 16-Megapixel sensor
  • 3 autofocus time using which the camera can click the details of an image with the blink of an eye.
  • Real-time HDR; it lets the person see the dynamic range image before you take it.
  • Shot & More mode; it allows to shoot the images and set its effects after the fact.
  • Selective Focus mode; takes the image and change the focus between the foreground and background.
  • Best in class display.
  • Water-resistant

HTC Desire Eye

If you love to take selfies a lot and you just cant resist the temptation of taking your photos and posting them in your social circles, this superlugous camera phone is going to take your breath away. HC Desire Eye is an expert in taking pictures with the front-camera and after that, giving it some effects. This made to our list of best camera phones for being the best selfie smartphone. Selfies are nowadays as important as taking pictures with the back cameras. It has the features that are best for taking the pictures with front camera such as:

  • 13-megapixel on the back and front camera
  • Front cameras extra wide 22mm-lens to capture the selfies with all the friends.
  • Its high resolution allows to crop the picture way out.
  • Comprehensive picture editing
  • Good image quality of both the back and front cameras.
  • This smartphone is exclusively designed for the selfie lovers who wants to capture the better and bigger portraits.

So, if you are looking for some of the best camera phones, you need to forget everything because now you know what you want. Happy Buying!


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