Top 3 budget phones

Buying some of the latest phones these days means investing a lot of money because of all the technology, the hardware and the features coming in each device. Not everyone needs all that, so why pay for for something that you don’t need? But there are some smartphones that can be bought in a budget that anyone can handle. In this article, we are going to tell you about the top 3 budget phones that have all the vital features that everyone needs, no compromise is made on build quality, is of course stylish and gives a chic look and still comes in a very reasonable price. Ever heard of high quality stuff going cheap? here it is:

Mostly the budget phones are available in 2 operating systems; Google Android and Windows Phone 8. These both operating systems have the capability that will provide you with apps such as Facebook, Skype and Whatsapp but what if a person wants to have Google apps like Gmail, YouTube, and Maps; for all this, a person must hold the Android phone because in Windows Phone, the choice of apps is limited. The best and newest budget phones are explained below:

Motorola Moto G 2014

Motorola Moto G is the second generation smartphone; it has improved features from its predecessor and those are:

  • Large 5-inch screen
  • High quality camera
  • Dual SIM system
  • And it’s lower price

This phone runs Android 4.4 kitkat version and it has guaranteed to update to the newest version lollipop of Google in the coming year. Motorola Moto G has the Motorola lost phone portal, so if you forget your phone somewhere or it gets lost or stolen, it can be located via this feature.

Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630 is the last year’s best-selling phone and it comes in different impressive colors; orange and green. It has features more than having in Android phones; those are:

  • It runs 8.1 version of Windows
  • Instead of getting the grid view or list view of the apps, it has the tiles of all the things at the home screen and it continually updates you with all the updates and social networking news.
  • It has 5-megapixel camera
  • It has 4.5 inch screen
  • Having the Cortana voice commands service.
  • It has the quad core 1.2GHz Snapdragon S4 chip
  • It has no 4G but in the lesser price; Lumia 630 is the best.

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c was primarily released in 2013 but it was included in the 2014 cheap phones because its price was cut down because of having lesser features but still saving the name of being an iPhone. iPhone 5c did not get a lot of attention at first, so Apple brought it back to the design desk and it was re-released after a few weeks with a lot of quality and feature tweaks. Those features included:

  • It has 8-megapixel camera
  • Board storage of 16GB
  • It has 4G connectivity
  • It has the newest version; iOS 8.
  • It features the polycarbonate outer.

These were some of the phone from top budget smartphones that anyone can buy and have all the features that one wants to hold in their smartphones.


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