The coolest games on Play Station

Play station is not just your ordinary gaming console. It is a gaming experience that indulges you every bit in its immaculate graphics, games and their story line. In fact it won’t be wrong to say that play station is an addictive hub of entertainment. People spend a hefty amount of money on buying these consoles and their games. The trend for gaming is on a constant rise and the die-hard gamers boast of their vast collection of the gaming CDs. There are a number of games for your play station. The more popular ones keep coming back with their new parts bursting with improved graphics, features and overall quality.

Let’s have a look at the top 3 games for play station. This list is unbiased and is not based on personal choice. It is solely compiled based on the reviews and ratings given by the users and the gaming gurus.

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Grand Theft Auto 5                                

Grand Theft Auto is a famous gaming series. It is all about action and adventure. The gameplay focuses on an open world where the player can choose a mission according to his own will and build up the story. It involves racing, shooting, stealing, role playing and other side activities. The nature of the game has sparked quite a few controversies. People have criticized it being too violent and meant for adults only. Event then GTA series has been a sensational success. The commercial success can be gauged from the fact that it sold 150 million units, as of September 2013.

Call of Duty

Call of duty has been one of the most famous game series. Commonly known as CoD, it has 14 video games released for different consoles. The series revolves fictionally around the World War 2. It is set in a battle field and involves both first person and third person shooting. However the newer parts of the series (advanced warfare) have changed their focus to present and near future scenario. The popularity of this game led to the publishing of a miniseries of comic book based on one of the games. The call of duty series is published and owned by Activision.

Assassin Creed

Assassin creed is a fictional game based on action and adventure in the open world. It revolves around the rivalry of two ancient societies, the assassins and the Knights Templar. The game play is about the protagonist Desmond miles using a device called animus that brings back to him the memories of his ancestors. This series is full of thrill. If you are looking for some adrenalin rush, this series is a must-own title for you.

Technology has advanced rapidly. If you look at the games today and compare them to what the games were just five to six years back you would be amazed at the advancement. There are still many avenues to be explored with concepts like virtual reality, secondary screens and open sourced gaming, let’s wait and watch what is in store for us!


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