Super Cool Social Media Android Applications

Social media has changed the way people communicate with each other. It has not just changed people to get accustomed to online communities, but now, users prefer to do business and communicate with different companies through this platform. With the help of these social media apps one can easily promote their business or product online. They can even give share their views regarding a particular product with everyone rather than a couple of friends. The coolest social media applications for android can be purchased via the Google Play store. Some of the top social media apps that you can easily find on the play store are:

Fenix for Twitter

With around fifty thousand installs, Fenix gives its users a fresh Twitter experience for smartphones and tablets. Fenix supports real time notifications. This helps users to keep a check on who is retweeting, favoring and following them. It provides users with clickable links; which means that one can open up a user profile with a single click and long clicks to perform actions like sharing, copying or tweeting a link. The application supports multiple accounts, viewing multiple Twitter images at a time and multiple drafts. It allows users to access their lists and saved searches quicker. One can even mute Twitter users, hashtags or custom keywords.

Fenix offers its users with a customized navigation system and a number of beautiful conversations layouts.

super cool social media android 2

Badoo Premiuim

Want to meet new people in and around the city? Badoo is the perfect android application to accomplish this. With over 200 million users, Badoo is one of the best social media apps for chatting, making friends and sharing interests.People even use it for dating. It is safe to use, secure and location based. It just doesn’t offer meeting new people in your own city, but also, in 180 different countries in 20 different languages. This is what makes you really go social and get to meet new people with just a few finger swipes.

Badoo allows it users to import pictures from Instagram and invite Facebook friends to join in on a game.

Camfrog Video Chat Pro

Sending text messages is getting boring and takes lots of time. However, things are changing. Thanks to an app like Camfrog, it provides its users a worldwide video chat community. Now, one can video conference with millions of users in hundreds and thousands of video chat rooms.

Some of the features that it includes are; adding new and old friends to the Camfrog contacts list and view multiple chat rooms. Last but not the least; users do not have to worry about the clutter of advertisements on their smartphone screen because this app is advertisement free.


Lumiya is a fun way to socialize. It is your second life in a virtual 3D world. The users can send and receive messages, participate in their local chat, teleport to their all-time favorite second life locations, interact with objects and navigate the virtual world around them in 3D.

The application does not require any in-app purchases. It is one-time payment for the application and there are no hidden subscription fees.


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