OneDrive Review

Storing data on a cloud service and getting it synched among different devices is the need of every other person on the go. People need to have most reliable options to capture, store and share their data through most efficient and reliable mediums. This has given rise to the formation of a great variety of cloud based data sharing mediums. One drive formerly known as SkyDrive has come into existence in the year 2014. Containing most of the features possessed by its predecessor, this cloud storage aims to be a better version assuring the most fascinating data related storage and sharing actions. One drive in no time has gained the attention of a great ratio of people due to the significant features assured by it. Lets us review the complete range of pros and cons possessed  by it.

Basic functionality and properties of One Drive:

  • Operating system:

OneDrive is most easily operable on all Windows devices. No matter whether it is a pc, tablet or a Windows phone, this cloud works with extreme perfection on all Windows related devices. However it is also convenient to beused on different IOS, Mac, Android OS.

  • Spacing and bandwidth:

Unlike other storage clouds, OneDrive provides an enormous space of 15Gb free to all its users. This is quite a fascinating feature as 15Gb is surely more than enough. However more spacing options are available through different payment options.

  • Pricing and rates:

Users are free to acquire a 100Gb for $2 per month and a space of about 200Gb at the very affordable price of $4 per month.

The distinctive parts:

  • OneDrive is a by default storage service present in all systems with Windows 8 and 8.1 installed in them. All the data stored in those devices gets automatically added and saved into the OneDrive cloud and users are free to access it anywhere and anytime they want.
  • One more specialty possessed by it is the automatic priority among the stored data. OneDrive has the potential to distinguish the more prioritized and important data on its own and this is why it stores the data accordingly. The data understood to be important is stored while the unimportant is discarded automatically.
  • The installation of Microsoft Office 365 is yet another appeal in this cloud. This is because all the associated actions taking place in the cloud are sure enough to be exchanged and shared with other people in the real time.

An automated and different feature:

A strict note of security applies on the entire data stored through OneDrive storage medium. Any content related to nudity, racism, pornography or any sort of destructive action is sure enough to be deleted or blocked automatically under the rules of OneDrive.

Falling flat and not much appealing:

OneDrive has a greater appeal and better usage among the Windows related applications and devices. This is where it basically excels. However its functionalitygets reduced and limited when it comes to other OS.

Finally, OneDrive is a great appeal for all those Windows and Microsoft users out there. A lesser effort in data management is required with a better results of data organization in all such cases. However OneDrive review states that it still needs to get better in order to work better on other OS as well.


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