Marshall London Review

Marshall London Review

Marshall London is a 4.7-inch Android smartphone and a serious Marshall brand. Marshall has an extremely good market of music instruments for a long time. Now the London smartphone is just above an average smartphone in the market. The smartphone is definitely living up to the Marshall musical reputation and has proven to be a musical handset. Let us review this smartphone in detail by Marshall and justify its price.

Marshall London Features

Marshall has named its smartphone “London” and released it in the later 2015. It contains Global equalizer which reflects true musical power of Marshall globally. It is a great selfie phone with front and back camera. It was coming with a free pair of headphones in the start of release in UK. But that offer no longer exists. The price of Marshall London is £399. You will not be able to buy “London” if you plan to buy  it from a mobile network. That option is simply not available and it can only be bought from the market. Marshall London comes with mid range specifications which justify its normal cost.

This phone is similar to the size of an iPhone. That is because before the release of “London”, Marshall designers were working with Google to make its musical capabilities perfect. People who love music and cannot live without stylish music would love it. You will get the same features in Marshall London as in Sony, Samsung or HTC mobile phone. The Marshall looks phenomenally good and stylish. This phone has been designed in Sweden very carefully. It contains a Marshall logo on the front and back sides. Marshall has given it a new style with a rear cover decorated with texture.

You might get deceived by the M button on the front which maybe mistaken as the power button. This button enables you to access your music immediately after pressing it. The magical M button takes you to the music player even if the display is off, the phone gives you the music tunes in your ears. This justifies the price near 400 pounds. It has also been revealed by Marshall that this phone will be upgraded to the newest Android version 6.0 soon.

The Specifications in Detail

The core specifications for London are extremely powerful. Marshall London uses the Android 5.0.2 Lollipop operating system. It has a 4.7in IPS screen with 720×1280 dimensions. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 1.2GHz quad-core processor. It has a   16GB of storage and a 2GB of RAM. There is a built-in Micro-SD card slot and a 8Mp rear camera with LED flash light. Being a selfie phone, it has a 2Mp front camera as well.

The Wi-Fi adapter is built in Dual-band. The phone comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and the built-in GPS. The musical friendly Stereo speakers are buit-in also with dual mics and dual headphone ports. There is an M button as we discussed and a Brass scroll wheel. The powerful battery is 2500mAh removable battery and the weight of the phone is 145g. Marshall London also comes with free apps like Spotify, LoopStack and SoundCloud. You can adjust the sound with the global graphic equalizer.

The Pros of Marshall London

The good thing about the apps is that you can easily uninstall them whenever you want. That will free some disk space for better purposes. The selfie phone is great for music with audio centric features. The stereo speakers facing the front side produce tremendous sound. This ranks the Marshall London as the “loudest smartphone available on earth”. Speakers are better than Apple or Microsoft phones in the market with higher prices.

The battery life for Marshall London does not disappoint you. It may not be the most powerful battery out there but in this price, it gives a good 5 to 6 hours of battery time. The price is justifiable for good battery. The battery beats the LG G4 model which is super news for Marshall lovers. The volume scroll wheel is not found in best selfie phones of 2015 like Nokia Lumia and LG G4. That is a cool deal.

The Cons

The Rear Cover is extremely thin in Marshall London. The Apps run fine on the phone but the settings menu is a little bit dark. There is a game inside the phone called Rockbilly Bros. The game is about a musical band and not so interesting. There are much better games available in the other brands like HTC, Microsoft and LG. “London” is surely not among the best gaming phone of the year.

The selfie phone also does not focus well with front and back camera. The power button is not in a normal position. It exists on on side of the phone above the scrolling wheel. That makes it a bit odd. The M (music) button can easily be mistaken as the power button in Marshall London.


In terms of Hardware, the phone is not a great thing to buy in terms of camera quality. Although it is a selfie, you should not buy it if you need a fast focusing camera phone. You can take photos and save them on social media. Other devices are available for lesser price or even half the price of Marshall London with this much hardware. But the phone is worth buying if you need incredible audio capabilities.

Deciding to buy a Marshall London smartphone is making a statement to the world actually. You prefer Marshall’s new technological gadget above all the great names like Motorola, Microsoft and Google. The phone is definitely running out of stock in the world market, showing its great popularity from the Marshall fans.

As a matter of fact, there are not many devices in the same price in the market that give so many features that Marshall London does. So thumbs up for Marshall for coming up with a good smartphone in the presence of powerful rivals. There is no way GPS feature is available in the same price range smartphones of 2015-16. Marshall is all about buying a musical brand to show the world that Marshall is also among the cool smartphone manufacturers of 2015.


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