Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E500 Review to The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E500

The reason you need to read this Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E500 Review is that Lenovo is the only laptop and notebook manufacturer that gives highly competetive features in the minimum price. Lenovo laptops have proved to be useful for personal and business use over the years. Today in our review of Lenovo’s ThinkPad Edge E500, we will observe in detail its great new features and decide if this intelligent machine justifies its price or not? This solid laptop uses fifth generation Intel processor and has a 15.6 inch display screen. The design is elegant with a classy Lenovo built. The lightweight case is 2.4kg and 33mm thick. The soft Lenovo keyboard with a number pad makes it easy to type, not hard for your fingers.

Specifications and Features

The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E500 is similar to early laptops which were good for game playing. This one is also a good choice for enjoying games like “Tomb Raider”. You need to view the screen with a good axis or the display will not be visible clearly. The black casing looks beautiful as it represents a true ThinkPad trademark. It holds a removable battery which can last for a good time up to eleven hours.

The ThinkPad is ideal for Windows 7 operating system but has the option to run Windows 8.1 as well. The powerful processor is 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7-5500U (3.0 GHz Turbo) 2C, 4T. The RAM is 8 GB DDR3L. It comes with a traditional hard disk of 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA for storage. The wireless capabilities are strong with 802.11 Intel Wireless Adapter. It has a Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity and a removable DVD±RW.

The USB slots are nice with 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0. It has a finger print sensor and built-in stereo speakers. It also has a 0.9 Mp webcam and built-in mic. The headset jack is 3.5 mm. The removable battery is 48 Wh lithium-ion accompanied with a 45 W charger with IEC C5 inlet. The track pad is 100 x 57 mm with three buttons and a track point. The dimensions of this machine are 376 x 253 x 28.3–33.2 mm. The SDXC card slot is also worth mentioning for Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E550. The gigabit Ethernet card connects the laptop to any wired network also.

Cons And Pros of ThinkPad Edge E500

The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E500 has definitely some really good features as we observed in detail above, but the machine is not free from some flaws. Now let’s take a look at the cons and pros of the Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E500 machine.

The Pros

The display for Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E500 is anti-glare display which does not burden your eyes. The built is superb overall. The battery also not weak as compared to some other Windows OS laptops around. The battery saving mode is also available for better battery life unless you use simultaneous heavy pictures and applications to weaken the battery. ThinkPad twist or X-Series also lag behind E500 model in terms of few hours of battery time.

The DVD drive is also easily removable. The keyboard might not be as lovely as in the other Lenovo’s models, but still typing is much fun with it. As long as the Intel chip is concerned, it gives a frugal feeling. The laptop looks elegant in black color. After pressing the power button, the Bios menu is also full of nice options to secure the laptop and customize hardware.

The Cons

The greatest flaw this Lenovo model has which nobody can deny is the slow performance. It is observed that the laptop despite its powerful 8GB RAM, takes longer to boot up as well as to shutdown. The processing speed has been observed a bit slow as well.

If we look at the other Lenovo Models like T400 and T500, they have Core 2 Duo processors which take less time to save and retrieve documents. Launching a heavy application is not going to be instantaneous on E500 model of Lenovo because of working speed flaw.

The color scheme is also low in this laptop which is limited color 60% sRGB. The color quality slightly lacks as compared to the T-Series laptops. The E500 Bios can also become a headache for you if it is locked with a password you cannot remember. The bad news is that it is not possible with ThinkPad machines to unlock the Bios with just removing the CMOS battery the traditional way. You may also need to replace the entire motherboard in some cases, so be careful. Deal with it with extreme care. However some software are available on internet which can break the ThinkPad’s Bios Password. Google is your best friend in this case for searching the right software.

The price for this Lenovo machine is quite competitive, taking a look at its features and the features other similar laptops have to offer. Other laptops are also available in the similar price range of £640 which offer similar specifications as of Lenovo ThinkPad E550. However a used ThinkPad would definitely be cheaper if you decide to buy one. The good thing is that Lenovo hardware is easy to upgrade in all models. And it is good to always install a fresh registered copy of Microsoft Windows on your Lenovo ThinkPad E500 for best performance.


However due to the speed flaw, this laptop is not recommended for businessmen or professionals who want to gain access to documents and programs in a flash. Using ThinkPad E500 will reduce their working speed and take more of their valuable time. Dedicated IT departments should prefer the use of T series for faster speed and affordable price. This is by no means the best Lenovo machine, but has come a long way since its predecessors.

The ThinkPad E500 from Edge Series is definitely a good pick for users who need better battery life. The battery is definitely superior to the poor Lenovo 600 or 700 series models. The E500 model may not be as super as a new T430u model, and it may not have fastest speed of T-Series models, but the people will definitely love it for its modern sleek style. Multitasking abilities with Windows 8.1 brings value to this machine for normal home use. Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit version on this laptop also ensures a lot of fun. Whether you buy a new or an old Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E500, make sure to reformat the hard disk and start having fun.


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