Intocircuit Power Castle PC13000 and PC15000 Review

Intocircuit Power Castle PC13000 and PC15000 Review

If you have been considering a method to power up your smartphone or tablet while on the road because you do not have plenty of power left over for your smartphone or tablet, say greetings to the Intocircuit Power Castle PC13000 and PC15000 External Battery Packs. These battery packs feature the power which you can extent across your different devices. Higher-capacity, advanced versions of the Intocircuit Power Castle PC11200, the Intocircuit Power Castle just got even enhanced with the PC13000 and PC15000 power banks, ultimate backup chargers for your tablet or phone.

You could always buy a stylish and well-made external standby battery from a renowned brand at some unreasonable price tag, which in utmost circumstances barely has an adequate amount of a capability to stay beside with all of your gadget charging requirements. Or you can take a seemingly chancier gamble on an unknown external battery that compromises ten times the volume of a widespread brand name battery, but at more than half the amount. It will at all times gives the impression too good to be true, and in more or less cases it is.

These two Intocircuit Power Castle PC13000 and PC15000 power banks are alike to each other in every manner other than their amount, weight and capacity. With one valued at 13,000mAh capacity (assume around 70 percent competency, so 9,100mAh) and the other 15,000mAh (10,500mAh), you’re chatting about a difference of whether you can charge your iPhone 5s half a dozen or more times.

With both quantifying 128 x 71 x 22mm, the progressed Power Castles are just a twosome of centimeters lengthier than the older PC11200, corresponding to its depth and width. And they’re not more over much heavier, at 323g for the PC15000 and 308g for the PC13000 (the PC11200 weighs 280g). With just £3 of difference amongst them, whether you purchase the £26.99 PC13000 or £29.99 PC15000 will come down to your budget and how much alternative battery power you have need of.These progressed models are now quicker to top-up, with a 7.5W- somewhat than 5W-graded Micro-USB input.

For the PC13000 there’s Dual USB 2.1A /1A output ports where up to 2 devices can be charged simultaneously. Same functionality goes with the PC15000 as it delivers up to 2.4A/5V of power using Intocircuit’s Smart-ID technology which by design selects the required charging current that’s most competent to charge a particular device at its uppermost charging speed. In the middle of Intocircuit battery bank is the component specific micro-USB recharging input for the PC13000 and PC 15000 internal battery. And as an arranged tiny additional benefit, both the Intocircuit battery bank PC13000 and PC15000 encompasses a white LED flashlight which approaches in convenient. It isn’t precisely as energetic or as influential as can be found on the smartphones the, but it’s definitely a plus to have one rather than no flashlight at all.

For convenience, this is an unusual find in the main stream of low-priced power banks, and exceedingly advantageous. Although most such devices use a quartet of LEDs to estimate how much power remnants, whereby each LED could signify a chunk as large as 6,000mAh, with the Power Castle’s LCD display you know precisely how much power remains at all times in great detail on a 0-100% scale. A very worthwhile feature consisting a single button following to the display that can be used to power the pieces witch on and off. Rapidly twice over pressing this button enables/disables the LED flashlight. Additionally to that power button, the Power Castle as well has a well-ordered feature in that plugging in a USB cable will by design turn the battery on for you to activate charging your tablet, smartphone, wireless headphones or any other device for that matter.

Now that we have the eventual fresh versatile USB-C connector – which provisions bi-directional transfer of power, we can charge our ultra-book laptops the similar approach we charge our tablets,smartphones and other every-day-carry essentials deprived of having to look for an outlet and be mandatory stop at a single place to charge up. The modern day ultra-books namely, the new 12-inch Retina MacBook along withthe Google’s Chrome-book Pixel 2 has the capability to be charged by means of an external power bank.

It will charge you ultra-book, but it will do so very gradually. As of the practical the power bank was able to charge the MacBook in sleep mode back to 20% with an 80% remaining battery life left on the Power Castle. Reasonable, but categorically not an extraordinary performance worth getting sensational about. The Power Castle will just about charge a 12-inch MacBook all the way up to 85% to 90%.which would let you to hang onto watching movies on a long voyage and let you carry on working on the move when a power outlet is not surrounded by.Undeniably charging such an outsized battery by means of this out-of-the-mill portable backup battery intended typically for smaller devices like tablets and smartphones, does take time.

In other admirations both the Power Castles PC13000 and PC15000 are the similar as the older version, and that’s no bad thing. The brushed-metal aluminum alloy scheme with rounded edges that feel contented in the hand even for an external battery bank of this dimensions.


    • Both quality and stylish
    • Aflat, high shiny finish with a flashlight for shadysituations.
  • Several safety and protection chips to avoid overcharge.


  • They’re a bit weighty.


The new Intocircuit Power Castle PC13000 and PC15000 are pleasantly designed, on behalf of admirable fast and value, stress-free charging for your tablet and smartphone away from the mains. The performance point of reference that has been able to squeeze out of such a comparatively small, yet immense power bank. With its ultra-fast dual-USB charging docks, tremendously valuable back lit digital battery measure display, to some extent weak yet still advantageous built-in LED light and reasonably priced, recommendation for this backup battery comes highly to someone eying for maximum handy power that’s efficient and fast at charging everything from tablets to smartphones, wireless headphones, and even a ultra-book – at a moderately low cost.


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