Huawei Mate S Review

If you want to make your life stimulated with the new power of touch technology and well-designed case that make your life more wonder full and open a new world of limitless possibilities. A new technology that increases your interaction with more expanded world, so, here below I would present the review of that device from the family of smartphone is Huawei Mate S.

Huawei Mate S with shinny golden color and with slim aluminum designed look very extraordinary in style and elegance. Although it is little bit resemble with M7 and HTC 1 Max. To uncover the world of limitless possibilities and technologies consumer must this extraordinary technological innovation in their hand.

As I am talking about the newest technology that Huawei introduced first time in Mate S is smart Force Touch technology. Although, you would keep on exploring when you keep on reading this review, but the most important thing I should mention here is you can run two programs on the same screen simultaneously and you can control it using multiple fingers touch. Other thing is that you can shot the best quality screen shot by double clicking on the part of screen you want to shoot.

Well-Designed With Amazing All in One Case:

Mate S is from the family of slim smooth and sleek bodied Smartphone’s family, with only 2.65mm slim body. In just 2.65mm slim and sleek body, there is a long lasting battery is mooted inside the case. Similarly if you want to enjoy the smooth touch of this Mate S, another feature that Huawei is added just for you is finger print sensor to make your smartphone only yours. Mate S is wholly a wonderful device including its specifications, appearance and interfaces that is really amazing.

One by one, if we come to audio and sound features of Mate S, it has speakers full of quality and gives you clear and smooth voice and sound. Although at the bottom of device there are two grills, but interestingly only one speaker inside it. But when you turn your music on it, it would give you an awesome vibrant and gauging voice. You can adjust the volume of speaker using the volume adjustment key on the right side besides the power key.

Just like the Steve Jobs creation of technological innovation, Mate S is designed with the same compatibilities that is perfect! Coming to top side of slim body there is pulg-in jack for headphone of 3.5mm, while on the left side there is a tray for SIM/SD card. Overall silver glow enhance the beauty of device.

 Huawei Mate S – World of Limitless Possibilities:

Other features include its core hardware with 3.0GB RAM, while processor of Mate S is Octa core 4*2.2 GHz + 4*1.5GHz and Hisilicon Kirin 935 in its sleek body. Coming to the next, everyone is too conscious about battery timings of smartphone, if we talk about the battery timings of Mate S. Depending on the use of applications, with a single charging it can gives you 12-14 hours of enjoyments. Interesting with Mate S is Huawei has added new software of Power manager that can save the power of battery and it can increase timings more for you.

Mate S is come up with the operating system EMUI 3.1 and Android 5.1. But the little problem with this is, when you screen is unlocked then it did not notify you about Gmail notification. But due to a single fault we cannot defy the other technological innovation of Mate S, that includes different utility apps and high graphics games as well.

Make Your Life More Secure With Huawei Mate S:

The ever best security model that Mate S gives you is finger print sensor that is extraordinary among all other features. I said it extraordinary; reason is that, it is a new security model that completely scans the fingerprints of your fingers and thumbs. You can make you smartphone more secure with this best security model. You can unlock your Mate S using two methods, one is using fingerprint sensor, that is just below the back camera of your Mate S, touch on the specific angle the get it unlocked. Second options that it provides you is using PIN code, mean if you don’t want to lock your smartphone with sensor, you can use PIN code to get it locked or unlocked.

Free Your Connectivity:

Everyone wants to capture each and every happiest moment of one’s life into the eyes of camera. Besides fingerprint scanner, Huawei Mate S provides you other features of awesome Camera.  If you want to know the quality of Camera, you have to experience it once, that include 13 Mega pixels rare with soft LED flash, while 8 Mega pixels of front camera. While capturing a shot, you can change it to professional mode, to make your picture more professional. You can add different effects using watermarks, audio notes. The additional features of camera includes, auto flash timer, white balance, zoom in/out, and geo tagging in camera resolution option. The interesting thing of this camera is you can take amazing and clear picture in complete darkness, by using its soft LED flash.

If we conclude it, as Super slim profile, diamond cut bezel, full metal body, force touch, double knuckle screen capture, knuckle W for instant messaging, knuckle crop, knuckle C for professional camera mode.  GPS work smoothly, Bluetooth is much more efficient, and Whatsapp and other online services go perfectly. Lastly, Mate S fingerprints sensor all the features are wonderful!

Huawei Mate S Merits:

Huawei Mate S, with powerful touch, 2.5D screen, with 5.5” AMOLED FHD screen, and compact integration. Make your life inspiring with Knuckle 2.0 touch, Smart-Pressure Sensitive Screen and Fingerprint 2.0. You can stay in touch with your creative side having Mate S camera that express your own unique vision. Make your living more smart using smart technology, with utility software including smart recording, document correction and smart wireless printing.

Huawei Mate S Demerits:

Huawei Mate S display grows fainter in the high beam lights or in sunlight. When your Mate S is unlocked it do not display G-mail notification.

Bottom Line of Mate S:

This review of Huawei Mate S has provided you latest information about this lovable smartphone. Huawei presented this adorable and endearing smartphone of this year, with sophisticated specialties. This newest product possessed special technology. This smartphone is equally in the range of middle and upper class. I have suggested you how this smartphone is better and handy for handsome guys and awesome girls.


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