Grand Theft Auto – An Introduction

Grand Theft Auto is a game which needs no introduction. It has been mesmerizing gamers all around the world since its last edition – GTA IV – was released back in 2008. After years of waiting, the revamped version of the game was released in 2013. It is called Grand Theft Auto V. This game was available to the owners of PlayStaion 3 as well as XBox 360. A year later, the game was also made compatible for new generation gaming consoles – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In addition, GTA V will also be released shortly for Microsoft users in the first month of 2015. Therefore, it will be accessible to a wide range of audience in different parts of the world. Soon, the already wildly popular game will become more famous than ever before.

History of Production

The company which developed the impressive game GTA is known as Rockstar North. A team of developers, artists, programmers, composers and designers brought Grand Theft Auto to the world of gaming through Rockstar Games publishers.

The production of Grand Theft Auto V began in 2009 right after the release of its previous version a year back. The team involved in the development and production of this legendary game included more than a thousand members, all related to different fields. Their efforts and expertise helped in the completion of the development of version 5 of the game in around four years.

Rockstar Games announced the release of the new version of this game back in 2011 – two years after initiating the game’s production. This announcement was welcomed by gamers all over the world. However, what actually created waves of excitement was the release of the trailer of Grand Theft Auto V. This trailer was release just one week after the first announcement. After this, the game’s fans had to wait patiently for two more years before they could actually experience playing the complete, fully featured version of the real game in 2013.

gta 5 -2

The Story and Game Play

The game revolves around the story of three clever criminals. They are indulged in crimes and face pressure from a government agency. The design of the game consists of an open environment where the players can roam around the countryside either on foot or via a vehicle. The depicted countryside is San Andreas. On the other hand, another highlight of the game is Los Santos. It is a fictional city which has been created through inspiration from the city of Los Angeles.

The players have control over the three main characters of the game. This control is exercised through single player mode. Hindrances may be encountered through government agencies and law enforcement. How cleverly a player succeeds at committing crimes and escaping the police is what adds to his score.

The Bottom Line

Just like its previous version, the remastered version of GTA is extremely exciting and thrilling.  It is now available for almost all types of games consoles. Therefore, multiple platforms support it and a large number of GTA fans can have fun playing it.


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