Google Drive review

Data storage and sharing are the most under discussion topics of the real time. Every one needs to have the fastest yet most beneficial means of data storage and data management at the same time. This has enhanced the competition among different data storage service providers of the world. Every company needs to produce the best and most appealing service in this regard. Google Drive is one of the most innovative formations in this regard. A product service from Google Inc, this is a highly beneficial cloud based storage medium that has acquired huge likeness among the data storage users. Lets us have the Google Drive review to know what actually it holds and what it needs to have.

Basic functionality and purpose:

Google Drive is a complete data handling and storage medium which means it does not only stores data, but also has the potential to handle and manage it. Initially known as Google docs are now known as Google Drive which enables the users to create documents, make spreadsheets and present their desired presentations along with managing their entire data through Google Drive at the same time.

Where does Google Drive work?

Windows, Mac, Android and iOS are all possible working platforms for this cloud storage medium. No matter whether you create a document over your Windows device or PC, a single click on Google Drive can get it shared quite easily and conveniently.

What space does it offer?

A generous and enormous space of about 15 GB is provided free to any user who holds a Google Drive. Moreover 5TB is the size limit of data to be uploaded or shared in the Google Drive. This also makes it even tension free with respect to sizing issues.

Does Google Drive include any referrals for earning space?

No referrals for earning free space are included through Google Drive. However a generous space of 100 GB is free for two years for all those purchasing a Chrome Book.

What are the price plans:

Google Drive is automatically installed as soon as you create a new Google account or possess one already. However a space of about 100 GB is available for $2 per month and 1TB for $10 per month.

Special implementations of Google Drive:

Any picture with a resolution less than 2048×2048 and videos less than 15 minutes are automatically removed or ignored by Google Drive policies. Google Music allows to keep more than 20,000 songs in the music library which is not considered as a part of the memory provided by Google Drive.

No technical set-upis as such required:

Any data present in the Gmail account, no matter whether documents, pictures, videos even the Photoshop related data is quite easily shared and stored in the Google Drive cloud.

Where does the performance goes low?

Google Drive is a great setup among the entire Google and Gmail universe. The functionality levels get lower as soon as the user comes out of the Google world. Limited opportunities of data handling are made available through the Google Docs which makes it quite necessary for the users to carry out all documentation related actions through other word processing options and then finally get them shared and stored through Google Drive.

Google Drive still needs improvements and technical betterments. This is how a greater and broader prospect of its use can be achieved.


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