Gigabyte P55 V4 Review

Gigabyte P55 V4 Review

Gigabyte is better known for PC motherboards; however, the Taiwan organization is conveying gaming laptops to the UK – under its own particular name. The Gigabyte P55 V4 is a generally unremarkable 15-inch gaming laptop, its solid graphics capacities supported with an effective GTX 970M design processor. The P55 V4 is a takeoff from Gigabyte’s standard gaming tablets in that it has a thicker, more adapted chassis.

Gigabyte P55 V4 Features:

Dark plastic with a silk sheen shapes the casework of this stout Gigabyte P55 V4 laptop, 36 mm thick and more than 2.6 kg in weight. There’s a DVD drive to one side, a helpful two USB 3.0 every side, HDMI, and VGA on the left yet no Display Port. Substantial fumes vent whistles with warms air, swinging to hot while gaming.

No entrance doors or removable battery are offered on the underside, and fit air admissions here mean it’s less suitable for laptop or carpet parking. General fan noise is not unpleasant but rather louder than the best of the present breed.

Gigabyte P55 V4’s keyboard to some degree clackety and it gets warm. Backlighting has only two levels while the Elan trackpad has no two-finger right-snap choice, nor felt especially exact being used. Inside Gigabyte missed an opportunity to incorporate speedier 1866 MHz memory, rather utilizing a solitary 8 GB module at 1600 MHz. The new CPU is an Intel clock upgrade, a procedure shrink with potential vitality savings. Gigabyte P55 V4 quantified 4 hr 07 min battery life from the laptop.

The 15.6 in the full-HD display is IPS-based however was abnormally restricted to 85 percent sRGB, keeping in mind the LG panel is indicated to 300 album/m^2 this faint sample couldn’t exceed 130 cd/m2. A review angle issue implied slight however recognizable shading movement with head development, even face-on. Storage is two-fold – a 128 GB boot SSD and 1 TB hard drive. For Wi-Fi, the Gigabyte P55 V4 takes a late Intel two-stream 802.11ac remote adapter.

Geekbench 3 scored the Gigabyte P55 V4 with a solid 13,178 focuses (3349 points single-center), and the PCMark 8 result strengthened this outcome with 3328 points (Home Accelerated). Most Windows activity games ought to play at native screen resolution and high or even highest accessible subtle element – Tomb Raider 2013 flashed along at 163 fps (Normal) could, in any case, manage 59 fps at Ultimate. The Batmark has a little scope of modification, where the P55 extended from 71 fps at 1080p and Medium to 64 fps at Extreme. Metro: Last Light played at 69 fps (High) and 27 fps (Very High, all impacts).

Gigabyte is staying with hard plastic rather than brushed aluminum surfaces on the late Asus G501 series. Pushing down on the focal point of the keyboard still results in slight to direct wrapping and the circumstance is somewhat more regrettable on the focal point of the external lid. It’s a thick frame in any case, yet it could have been more rigid. Then again, the double hinges are excellent up to the ~135 degrees most extreme with no display shaking when writing.  Clients who as often as possible utilize both of these maturing features will positively value the P55. Something else, the notebook offers the standard USB 3.0, HDMI, and Gigabit RJ-45 ports anticipated from its classification.

There is notably no mini-DisplayPort accessible, not at all like on the P35 models. It merits remembering that the optical drive and venting fumes take up a considerable measure of space on the sides of the notebook. This pushes the ports closer to the front of the device where cables will probably turn into a disturbance and consume up work desk space.

Most other notebooks (Clevo, MSI) have their ports towards the back to maintain a strategic distance from this issue. With or without the Dolby software false control and with listening straightforwardly to the speakers, the quality is still average, best case scenario. The 2.0 speakers have some quality in the mid tones; however this point of preference is decreased contrasted with the issues. Lows and high are bad – lows particularly as normal from little 2.0 speakers (not a standard, however). Highs are somewhat flat and the whole way across the board there is the speaker that the speakers can’t coordinate the music pace, coming about additionally in lower clarity. The best one for these speakers is the performance artist with a clear voice, yet – nothing to rave about.


Feedback is strong with insignificant clatter too. The NumPad and full-size Arrow keys are additionally invited. What’s missing, in any case, are committed Macro keys and other particular elements. Bigger notebooks have a section of buttons for representation exchanging and fan control while even the littler Aorus X3 Plus have devoted Macro keys to help in gaming. Touchpad: Smooth and pleasant, could be bigger. Buttons are coordinated under one surface.

Enhance the Display:

Gigabyte did, fortunately, enhance the display for the P55 contrasted with the past P35. The change is that the IPS display panel now offers preferred brightness and differentiation over the older version. It is still not the best screen available but rather it offers a change and is absolutely very great. Indeed, even Gigabyte has prepared P55 v4 CPU “Broadwell-H”. As laptops Aorus X5 and MSI GT72, it utilizes Intel Core i7-5700HQ, which is made of 14-nm process innovation. Huge changes in architecture when contrasted with the generation “Haswell” has not happened, aside from that the graphics engine has been updated. More noteworthy changes anticipate us, later on, processors “Skylake“. Processor Intel Core i7-5700HQ has four cores that can execute eight threads at the same time because of the support SMT. The frequencies range from 3.3 to 3.7 GHz. The notebook is set to quick processor “Broadwell-H“, as well as rather general graphics performance.


We had issues with the Gigabyte P55 V4’s failing to meet expectations display and trackpad don’t meet quality at the cost yet this laptop is without a doubt quick for gaming and different applications.


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