Games to Look Forward in 2015

The year 2014 had a lot to offer to the game world. They were some amazing highlights of some very addictive games while a few lowlights were released as well. Let’s take a look in to what 2015 has in stored for all the gamers across the globe. From what it seem the New Year promises some very interestingly addictive and classic games. Here are a few games that you should look out for in the year 2015:

The Order: 1886

The Order 1886 has been developed by Ready at Dawn. The game was first announced in the year 2013 during E3. The game has been specially designed in a way to offer a virtual reality of the Victorian Era London. The main player plays a Galahad which was basically an elite member of Knights. This unique game offers a different taste to all the gamers tired of games revolving around modern forces etc. It is a unique blend of sci-fi and popular myths. A very exciting experience is promised to all the users.


Rime belongs to the puzzle genre of games. Tequila Works are responsible for the development of this highly addictive game. The game revolves around a featured boy who is dependent on his intellect for the solution of all the environmental puzzles. The puzzles will help the boy in escaping from the island he has been marooned on. Unbelievable scenic graphics are ensured to the gamers.


The shooter genre has been made colorful in a way through this game. It offers a rather basic and conventional shooter based on arena. Gun swapping and bullets in exchange for squids and ink has been added in the game. Two teams of different colors compete with each other with a similar goal of coloring the entire arena with their specific team color. The game allows players to transform into squids that are able to hop into the ink.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

A Machine for Pigs has developed a yet another attention grabber of a game, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. The game basically offers an imaginative scenario of what the world might look if it had to come to an end. The game is being regarded as the successor of Dear Esther.

No Man’s Sky

PlayStation Experienced held the presentation of No Man’s Sky along with The Game Awards this December. The main impressive features of the game include it’s beautifully created environments. It is amongst the most highly anticipated games of this year.

Star Citizen

This game has become more of a legend. It has created the record for being the highest crowd funded game to have ever existed. It earned more than forty four million dollars only through contributions. The game is based on space combat and stimulation is of trading. It allows a lot of room for the user’s movement and actions. Gamers will have the liberty of doing whatever that they may feel like in space.


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