Forza Horizon 2 Review

Forza Horizon 2 is all about cars and people who get an adrenaline rush from those engineering marvels are just going to love every bit of it. Some of the rarest possible vehicles have been used in the game which you are less likely to come across in real life. The finishes of cars have been taken cautiously and a smooth exterior is provided in general for a natural feel. Cars used in the games are not just for the purpose of ogling rather these beautiful creations have been created for their super performance. The wild metal beasts used in Forza Horizon 2 provide the players with the ability to control or in other words tame them. The game requires you to know your vehicle. You should be carrying knowledge of all the tricks and special sides of your particular vehicle or take your time with the game before you can really start to enjoy all of its glory.

The racing worlds have been created beautifully and the country sides of France and Italy have been designated for this version. The characters are basically participating in the Horizon Festival which is more of a typical kind of driving game frame that leads players from once to the next. This allows players of Forza Horizon 2 to gain control of one class of cars after another. The narrators are highly chatty and are maybe over attempting at trying to boost the excitement levels which isn’t always necessary considering the racing can do that for you. The entire atmosphere of this particular game is bursting with enthusiasm and adrenaline. The crowds are filled with celebrities cheering loudly for your arrival and helium balloons along with flashy lights create the right kind of anticipation for your racer.

The races in Forza Horizon 2 are merely for showcases and comparatively more exultant. Imagine the kind of adrenaline pumping races you’d be experiencing including racing alongside hyper-trains or in the company of fighter jets. You cross numbers of hot air balloons while the background music only enhances your imagination. Forza Horizon 2 provides you access to all your dream vehicles. Once you win a race the credit given to you helps you in affording the right kind of vehicle you require in order to compete further. There are other interesting activities including bucket list challenges such as drifting or temporary provision of cars free of cost.

The cars require a certain amount of time for you to get complete hold of all the glorious actions and movements they are capable of. They require you to think with a forward approach. The rewind system installed in this game allows users to eliminate all the lousy mistakes that they make ensuring them a more professional record. Open roads can be fully enjoyed in Forza Horizon 2 but during the festival races it is a different kind of fun that you experience including the tension of the tough course followed by the relief you get of effective manipulation of the car.


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