FIFA 15 Review

When it comes to FIFA 15 it sort of becomes difficult for the developers to provide a wide experience in the core game. What appears to be football isn’t always great in terms of playing experience. This is the most loved sport in the world due to which getting the product right is highly important for the game to be a success. This year around FIFA 15 has managed to provide a highly life like experience to the gamers. The game is quite close to the TV style broadcasting and has managed an experience which has improved upon all the previous games.

The developers of FIFA 15 have sort of revamped the entire appearance from every single detail being remodeled whether it’s the players or the camera angles. This is the very first time that a game has assured a full time representation of all the twenty Barclay’s Premier League stadia. A bird’s eye view of the clashes is created for the gamers’ excitement followed by rather stadium specific camera shots. The official colors of blue and white have been used in terms of the furniture styling. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are the designated commentators while additional caution has been taken for the team sheets.

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In terms of replay mode the FIFA 15 allows you a super slow motion replay of the wide shot and you can manage to catch the disappointment on your player’s face. The game is highly authentic and you can even witness the goalkeepers being patted on their backs. You might think that such detail in the overall experience might prove slightly distracting for the user but it doesn’t rather an excitement is created. The passion is maintained which is important for all of us and you will definitely appreciate the efforts being put in to ensure that. Moreover if you’re bothered by any of it you can always skip it.

It can be argued that these improvements are slightly lopsided and only a few animations have been changed while as a whole the matches are pretty much the same as before. In any case the momentum of the players is more controlled that is the players can be controlled to start and stop with more ease in this version. More variation has been provided in FIFA 15 in tactics as well. Men can be pushed in the field during the goal kicks and the keeper can crowded as well during the corners. It is definitely faster in pace compared to the FIFA 14.

More than two hundred players of the Premier League have been re-scanned for this version of the game to provide them with proper faces. Improved muscle definition has been ensured to the player bodies. These look like athletes of the real kind. The emotion engine offers you athlete like behavior from the players as well. There is pouting and pointing of fingers during challenges but it cannot be deemed perfect as there are certain glitches that can be experienced such as delay in changing of actions or emotions of the players.


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