Dropbox Review

In 2007, Dropbox was found by MIT students Arash Ferdowsi and Drew Houston to share and exchange data without external storage devices and email mediums. With the passage of time, this means of exchanging data through a cloud format got extreme popularity among the people. Now Dropbox has acquired millions of users carrying out their complete data related activities

What does Dropbox do?

Dropbox is a cloud used for exchanging different data related actions. One can share, upload and even download a great variety of data among different parts of the world. Not only data, all sorts of multimedia images, movies, pictures and colorful sharing all can easily take place through Dropbox.


Is it all free or charges apply?

Dropbox provides a 2GB area free where people can easily place a great ratio of data through their cloud medium. However, this limit can be updated and upgraded by applying some charges and additional costs.

Unique and Distinctive Features:

  • This ideal cloud is not a data sharing medium for different users, but this cloud has the potential to sync files with between different devices as well. All files on a system can be easily synched through Dropbox quite easily.
  • The changes made in one file are not capable of affecting the entire data collection available on the cloud. Whatever needs to be overwritten only is overwritten and the rest of the data remains intact.
  • Dropbox supports all operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac etc, which makes it to be a multiuser system.
  • Dropbox not only works on the system, but it is also applicable and accessible over the android and mobile technology. This has made it quite remote and accessible.
  • A single as well as multi task management is most easily acquired through Dropbox.
  • Maximum ratio of security is promised for the files to be shared.
  • Access to deleted or removed files is also allowed. A grace period of 30 days is allowed to gain an access to a deleted file before it is totally removed from the database.
  • A user friendly interface allows the users to easily carry out their data sharing activities on the Dropbox.

Pricing Plans:

A free space of 2GB is allowed as a free personal account to all users. However, the storage can be increased through referrals from friends and sharing accounts. This limit can be increased free up to 16GB of the space. However spending £7.99 per month and £79 per year can allow a space of about 1TB, which is highly generous and enormous in strength. Such a detailed space is surely a great blessing for all sorts of data sharing activities.

Some minor disadvantages and cons:

  • No personal encryption passkey is allowed to be used in a Dropbox account. The standard and by default pass key is supposed to be used by all the Dropbox users.
  • The users need to delete the photos twice as the backup of photos are stored at the backend of Dropbox as well as in gallery of the device.

Final Words:

Dropbox is a highly efficient and upgraded file synching software. This software has made it possible to share data and files in different parts of the world and in different machines and systems as well. This has made file synchronization and sharing to be extremely easy and useful for users belonging to all niches and areas of life.


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