Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of those games that can have captivated for some hundred hours without you realizing the addiction of it all. This unique video game is the newest creation from Bio Ware. It is an extensive epic RPG. The Bio Ware is famous for developing amazing games such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect series. This franchise is quite focuses on high levels of fantasies and Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third game of this particular kind. This game can easily be regarded as the most ambitious one amongst all the fantastic creations. Critics are considering the Dragon Age as one of the most engrossing ones as well.

Most exciting parts are somewhat hidden in the progression of the main plot. The side quests are also an absolute art. New extremes are opted in the early stages of the game as well. The area maps are quite expansive and the navigation HUD clearly indicates if something is to be fetched or whether you’re supposed to find someone etc. The action is majorly driven owing to the exciting plot line. The side quests play a major role in making the main story which is similar to Skyrim quite interesting. The most important factor however is the experience that has yet been offered. The design is rich and constructive.

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A rather difficult task is offered by the Dragon Ageto the players. The players are supposed to be leading a religious movement. This particular movement has been designed to cross all sorts of boundaries of politics and bring together a rather warring nation as one. The need for unity is to stand against one common enemy. Inquisition has been interpreted in a more religious context in the game compared what we will generally perceive in the practical world.

The game is essentially a sequel. The Dragon Age series is interesting enough to make gamers compromise on quality which again is also amazing in this case. Bio Ware has managed to craft a true piece of art with this one. The maps are multiple and huge allowing free roaming to the players. The surrounding environments are pretty amazing as well. Each member gets to have their own richly designed story to explore. The main story line is brilliantly expressed and is quite cohesive. The simplicity of the story provides an easy grip to the gamers while you can dig deep for further exploration and myths as well.

Some bugs can be experienced during the play. Most of these bugs involve freezing of the game in between an ongoing conversation. This is however compensated with the frequent auto save feature. The game has a lot to offer from multiplayer assigning for mission to bringing of bonuses. The players have the liberty of running in the background as well. The brand name of Bio Ware has also boosted the overall expected sales of the game as users are well aware of the kind of quality the developers promise.