Destiny: the taken King Review

Destiny: the taken King Review

The Taken king goes beyond the expectations due to the fact that it comes with a lot more new features that are able to surprise me in different ways. This update is having numerous improvements in it and worth playing as well. There are new collectible here and the chests that will interest you and you will love to open and explore them and then face the enemies with my new weapons.

Kingdom destiny:

When you will discover it you will spend a lot of time for the same, but didn’t feel that you are fed up with them; you will want to discover more of them. The Kingdom of Destiny looks beautiful and amazing, but at the same time it is static and hollow. When you will be exploring the stages it will reward you in many different ways, for example, giving some new and useful things that you can use afterwards in the game.

The drops in the game are somewhat dramatic as they are slow and light. You need to play with good equipment so that the game will not get hang. At some points it felt like something is going to drop but it didn’t and that will be disappointing for you.

When you are heading towards the end of the game, there is a waiting period. You have to wait for a long period of time. Here you will feel bored because you have nothing to do just staring the screen.


Now, what are the downsides, let us take a gander at them. It is an online game and you will not be able to find people with whom you can play with. The third party websites can be used to fill out the team in order to start playing. If you don’t have any friends online with whom you can play with, then you have to use the third party websites to build a team for you.

This game is with new challenging events, it will bring the strangers together to play on a single platform. You will be guided to make the team and then you will play. The team will help you out to reach the destination. If you take a closer look the missions are somewhat repeated. But, you will not feel that and will enjoy the game till the end. All the players need to cooperate with each other in order to win.

For the expert players this game is not disappointing as it is able to fulfill the requirements and desires of the expert players. The makers are able to make this game worth playing even after all the downsides you will have to face. There is a clever cooperative play and a shooter control that is a plus.

Focal points:

The time that is taken in the first year of destiny will somewhat feel empty, at some extent you will want to leave that as it got boring. After passing that and playing the Taken king you will face the real fun that you must say, was worth playing. Now you will be able to spend your time well and the experience throughout the game will be a good one. You will need to raise different armor pieces in order to go through the difficult missions. When it comes to the ranks many people are able to reach the level 39 cap all alone.

When the level increased you will need a new gear to pass out and get more improvement. When you will decouple the character and light level, destiny will allow you to play however you will want to. Like how often you want to play a mission or what mission you want to play.

The fun:

In the first year of destiny there were specific events that can be used to have better equipment. But, now in the Taken king there is a lot more than that. The area which was worth exploring was the deserted ship in the rings of Saturn, which is able to set up a stage for the Taken king’s astounding storyline.


The storyline of the game follows the guardians that fought against Hive king, Oryx as we killed their son. You will always think that what the objective of the mission is and wanted to go through it and afterwards have a final call of the battle. There are many storytellers, along with the game and this time they show some humanity while telling the story. The ironic part was that when Cayde 6 was not human.


The fighting missions are much more enhanced and are advanced as compared with the previous one. Oryx created his own army that is having a wide range of new abilities to fight with. Teamwork is required to defeat the enemies and the restorative mind is likewise needed. In the depths of Venus, the Vex boss is hidden which is more than a bullet sponge. To lower the defenses of the same the constant motion is needed at any cost. Protect your team mates and drain the shield and then fight through this scenario.

If you fire your bow in to a bunch of enemies, then you will be able to bind or tie them together and afterwards release the final attack. There are stages where you need to use your mind other than just fighting your enemies. By using your mind you will be able to apply the tricks towards your enemies and in this way you will be able to fight them best.

Many people were able to defeat the boss in their ninth try as they were only just trying to defeat him and not using their brain. But, when they used it, then they just defeated him with a great teamwork and no offense. They spent hours and hours to do this; they failed a lot of time and found out variations during the game. This game provides us with new content and a better story line as well.


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