Dell Inspiron 3421 Review

Dell Inspiron 3421 series of laptops are handy and portable devices for your business as well as leisure use. This affordable laptop offers a lot of feature enhancements to keep up with the changing trends as well as the requirements of the world. For instance, an increased battery life is a desirable change which makes Dell’s Inspiron 3421 series an attractive gadget for the world of today as well as for the future.


The laptops are portable due to the overall size, but a reasonable screen size makes the display worthwhile. You will find it very comfortable when you work on office documents.

Similarly, watching videos and playing games will also be fun on screens which are not too small for an enjoyable experience.

Connectivity of Dell Inspiron 3421

Dell Inspiron 3421 series of laptops offer the latest technology for establishing connectivity. There are USB ports, Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, this series of laptops is truly the laptops of the present world with all the modes of latest technology available for connectivity.

Wi-Fi makes these laptops even more portable as you do not have to get into the hassle of dealing with any cables when you connect to the internet. You can sit comfortably anywhere near a Wi-Fi hotspot to enjoy an internet connection. Moreover, you can also use a public Wi-Fi, such as in a library or restaurant.

Today, the Wi-Fi technology has become so widespread in the world that a gadget without is deemed as obsolete. Therefore, the Wi-Fi connectivity in Dell Inspiron series is both a luxury as well as a necessity.

Dell Inspiron 3421 Battery Life

Today, the prolonged use of laptops for your office work as well as for entertainment purposes makes it necessary for these devices to offer a decent battery life. You cannot hook up your laptop to a charger every two hours. It feels like a nuisance. Moreover, you do not always have a charger with you. In such situations, it is a great difficulty to deal with a low battery power.

However, Dell has overcome this problem for you through its Inspiron series by manufacturing laptops with more powerful batteries than before. Now you can enjoy working on your laptop for up to five whole hours at a stretch without needing to connect the charger.

You can watch movies, stream videos on the internet or stay busy typing a word document for your office. Battery life is no longer a nuisance for the users of Dell.

Web Cam

An inbuilt web cam and microphone in the 3421 Inspiron series of Dell makes these devices handier. You can video chat with your friends as well as family living far away from you. The clarity of your video is quite decent, thereby making your video chatting experience great.


This series of laptops is available in black color. The laptops, therefore, look sophisticated and professional. There might be a problem with finger print marks, but the overall design is not disappointing.

Dell Inspiron 3421 laptops are not only light in weight, but also durable.


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