Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review

Call of Duty is one game that anyone and everyone are aware of. Each year brings us another version of the extensively played game. Though each year a new attempt is made improving upon many aspects and offering excitement to gamers all across the globe however since the launch of Modern Warfare, the game has somewhat remained the same without any detailed changes. Only a few changes on the surface are noticeable that are generally appreciated only by the dedicated fan base of the game. Supposedly, what is being said is that Advanced Warfare is here to break the monotony. It is apparently the biggest stem the game series has taken in years. If you keep only the series in consideration, the ideas that are introduced are truly innovative and unique.

Innovation and creativity for now is taken as something that is entirely sci-fi orientated. The advanced warfare is a game offering virtual reality of 2050s. Call of Duty supposes a situation where only soldiers exist and those too wearing exoskeletons with superpowers. The soldiers are supposed to have bionic limbs and sonic mufflers. The game’s controls are strict and narrative. A lot of new features have been provided but you can only utilize them if the controls allow you to do so. Scaling of walls is possible using magnetic gloves and racing of bikes through Detroit. Enemies can be taken down using rockets and bullet spewing mechanical suits but then again only when Call of Duty allows you.

call-of-duty-advanced-warfare 2

When the story of Advanced Warfare is considered, it is quite similar to what has been working in the past versions. It is yet another tale on yet again a charismatic male character of a madman. The madman is going to be holding control of America which by default results in the control of the entire planet to ransom. The main difference in this particular version has been created because of Kevin Spacey.

As for all those fans who are desperately looking forward to Advanced Warfare and wondering about the improvements; they should know that the flaccid ghosts is a yes for them. The improvements are not as high as one might hope but they exist and bring excitement for the gamers. The package appears more coherent this time around. There is only a rote co-op mode for survival. This survival mode is responsible for bridging the gaps between multiplayer and solo.

Basically the Call of Duty is what you’d expect it to be. This might not be great news for all those looking for an immense change but all the fans should prepare themselves to witness all that they expect from Call of Duty. The game is bombastic and loud along with being polished at large. These are all the requirements of the fans all over the globe. The game is derivative and shows rigidity in change of the basic safety of formula apart in certain surface manners. In terms of core mechanics and the overall functionality, this new version is certainly amongst the good games but all in all it can be regarded as a good enough game rather than a very good one.


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