Storing data efficiently and conveniently is the utmost concern usually these days. People require effective mediums to handle, store and keep their data in its best form.Various storage mediums are available to cater these areas of concern. Box is one of the most practiced and used cloud data storage mediums of the present scenario. Known for a perfect business interface, this cloud storage service assures a great variety of benefits and data related services. Let’s have a Box review to know its advantages and disadvantages in complete detail.

What is Box all about?

Storing, managing, handling and sharing data are all the data related activities assured by Box. It is a complete data connected cloud that caters a wide range of data associated functionality aspects.

The associated operating systems:

Box is easily operable on operating systems like Windows, Mac, Blackberry, Android and iOS. Such a compatibility makes it quite an all rounder in terms of functionality and operational aspects.

Sizing, space and bandwidth concerns:

A generous space of 10GB is allocated to every new Box user. However no free space through referrals is allowed.

Purchase offers:

Users can buy 100GB by paying $10/per month to achieve extra storage space.

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The Pros assured by Box

  • Box enables the users to easily create different documents through the embedded Office applications within it. Users can create,edit and share all sorts of data by using various data related options present in it.
  • The complete data sets can be easily shared among different groups and teams at the same time.
  • The entire group has the facility to modify, edit and store data present and made available to it.
  • Each data set can be secured by applying personal encryption passwords. This makes it possible for the users to display only the desired and suitable data to the chosen and selected groups. This makes Box to be quite secured as compared to other data storage mediums.

The cons of Box

  • File size limit:Box limits the file size to upload to about 250MB. Since this is very small size limit, the videos are most probable to find problem being shared through Box. However the spreadsheets can also face the file size limit issue due to such a reduced and minimal sized file allowance. However payment of £7 per month allows users to upload files up to 5GB size and grants 100GB space and £3.50 for file size of 2GB with a 100GB space allowance as well.
  • Much complicated for personal use:Box is ideal for team and group use. With vast variety of data management options, groups find it easy to set privacy standards upon the entire data. However, personal home use can be quite confusing when it comes to data handling through Box. This is all because such wide range of features can be easily lost and underutilized for those who intend to manage small set of data.

The verdict:

Box is a beneficial data storage cloud with a bulk of useful features. Its use is best recommended for groups, team and large working sectors where data handling is most possibly acquired by implementing standards of privacy and security. However it contains more than what is actually required for single personal use. So there, it remains somewhat unused and unjustified.


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