Bloodborne the Old Hunters Review

Bloodborne the Old Hunters Review

The story of the game starts with only a few people alive in the city of Yharnam. The people who are alive in the city think that it is your biggest mistake ever that you are considering this adventure. When you ask them, they will tell you that there is nothing for you, and it is a nightmare so you better go away. Well, that really isn’t a nightmare, but a real adventure for you.

There are several difficult encounters that you will have to face against the fearsome bosses and the hunters. There are dark pathways where you will have to face the real game and come across with the enemies. They will have a high blood lust and approach you with the fearless aggression.

You need to learn how to be efficient and swift with your actions when you are taking the challenges by using your intelligence. You have to use patience while taking the decisions when you are going to attack. You will lose health in the Rally system which will bring about many close quarter duels for you.

Bosses and the hidden things:

The bosses in the game are more creative and they will try to defeat you using the hidden tactics. They have the new tricks which will eventually make it hard for you to survive. When you expect that you are winning the game, suddenly a bad opponent will arrive. He will make you surprise that you are not on the winning side yet. You need to use your intelligence and patience likewise in order to survive because the enemies desperately want you dead in any case.


New tools and items are included in this game and you surely will value the reading history if you love the backstory of every weapon as it is described well. You will read the back history and unveil the hidden truth behind it. You will have to choose the best weapon on every stage of the game, for example, the fist of Gratia is a weapon a hunk of iron that will be helping like a brass knuckle. Likewise, all the weapons work specifically for the different occasions in the game.  There is a deadly pizza cutter named as the Whirligig saw and a Simon’s bowblade which a sword that can be changed in to a bow.

With all these weapons you will be well equipped to fight back the enemy, but they are tougher weapons to handle. You need to learn how to use them effectively and once you have mastered them you will be able to carry on the game easily. Other than the weapons there are new tools as well that will describe your play style.

As the Yharnam is in Bloodborne but there is still a chance of rescue and recovery. The simple and old paths now appear to be more challenging and are hardened. There are gallons of blood all over and it will make you feel like how there are a few people still alive in this city. There are shortcuts and the guide maps, but they are not much useful for you. If you find a new living person in the city you will feel pleased as there are only a few left.

As the time passes the game will become more and more aggressive and challenging. As a hunter you need to be prepared for each and every hurdle and a new challenge at every stage. You have to contribute in the battle and distract the bosses in order to go on with the game. You need to get the attention of the enemy first and after that you have to distract him. You will have companions with you, if they will get hurt, you will have to manage to give them some time in order to provide them with a chance to heal. When you distract the enemies, your companion will have some time to get energy and to heal themselves.

This game is more goal oriented and you will be encouraged at every stage to play and will not get bored. Depending on your performance you will be able to manage to play the game otherwise you will lose the game. You need to concentrate on the game, and then you can fight the fatal attack. You will be tested by your enemies in the lands and if you defeat them you will get a joy.

The treasures:

There are treasures and armaments for you that are hidden and will help you in the main when you discover them. You need to find them at any cost in order to proceed with the game as the bosses are much stronger than you think they will be.

When you discover the terrible places of the game and the secret filled world which you ought to discover you will understand the game. There will be a brutal attitude that defines the word Bloodborne in the game. The title of the game is a real fit for the game and describes the game well.

You will create your own story in the city by using your abilities and fighting your enemies and defeating them. You will face the blood soaked head and you will get closer and will face a new fear and stress by doing this. The weapons are the thing that is able to interest a person who is playing the game as they are stylish and new. With these new and advance weapons you would love to defeat your enemy. For example, you can fire a shell towards your enemy which will beat him to death.

The secrets:

There are numerous secrets in the city which you have to find out by following the clues and the description. There are many things to explore in the game so that you will use your brain throughout the game, sometimes you will find a useful thing and sometimes there will be nothing for you that can be used at that time.

If you are new to this game then you surely will enjoy this game and deep yourself engaged to this game.


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