Best Medical Android Apps for Women

Android devices account for more than 80 percent of all smart phones being used around the globe. In fact, the actual use of these devices is growing at an exponential rate. The reason for this explosion in the android market is that there are app for android available that caters to almost any genre a user may think of.

There are lots of medical android apps for women that serve in several areas. Below, you can find a list of these apps that are very easy to use and provide useful information relevant to their respective fields.

  1. Calorie Counter

This android app has a database of around three million foods. The user needs to enter in food inside the application after which they are able to add friends and also share progress. Apart from the food, this application is also able to track 350 exercises and if the exercise of the user hasn’t already been loaded, it can be easily entered into the application.

  1. Period tracker

This is a very useful application which requires simply pressing a button at the start of the period each month. The application records these dates and then calculates the three months’ average menstrual cycle in order to predict the start date of the next period. It allows viewing the current dates as well as future dates of periods, fertility days and ovulation. Moreover, she can also view her moods and other symptoms in a calendar. The application also offers a diary in which a woman can update her moods so that she may view them later.

  1. Lose It

The app assists users in losing weight by offering a daily budget for calories, a tracker for food and exercise, and a system that allows users to get connected with other people and information that would allow them to achieve their aims of losing weight. The app can customize a plan for weight loss that suits the pattern of an individual user. It also encourages to set goals for weight loss. There are several other features like a scanner for barcodes, recipe builder, and guides for planning food intake and workouts.

  1. My Tracks

This is one of Google’s own fitness application. It records the paths taken by the user, distance covered, the elevation and the speed while she is running, walking or jogging. The app allows users to see their live data, see their paths and also listen to announcements of their progress. The application is also able to sync with Google Drive, and connect with third party sensors. It is an open source project.

  1. Run Keeper

This is another one of the useful medical android apps for women. It tracks the running, cycling, biking and hiking with the help of a GPS inside the android device. The applications offers stats regarding the time, distance and also the calories burned during the process. The user is alsooffers the choice of listening to music when they are working out. The application also measures the heart rate of the user over any given period of time.


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