Best Medical Android Applications for Children

Keeping a child safe and healthy is one of the most important duties in parents’ life. In addition to this, children are given the utmost priority at any care facility; may it be a hospital or a clinic.

With technology and modern methods, things are becoming easier now. Thanks to hundreds and thousands of android app on the Google Play store; one can differentiate a common cold and influenza. These applications can help and guide parents treat their children at home or help them detect a disease more easily. Some of the many apps available on the Play store can be seen below:

  1. Feed Baby Pro

This android app is the top paid app in the medical category in more than twenty countries including USA, Canada and UK. Previously, it was featured on the Google Play store in the Apps for New Parents and Welbeing Apps.

Feed Baby Pro helps track and monitor baby’s growth and development. This includes all types of feeding like bottle feeding, breast feeding and solid feeds. It records diaper changes.It allows users to add notes to feeds, diapers and other activities.Moreover, it records and simultaneously shows a graphical chart of the baby’s change in weight, height and head circumference. Additionally, parents can keep a track of their baby’s sleeping and bathing sessions. The android app also offers parents to add and create the baby’s medicinal record. This way parents never have to miss another dosage!

The application offers various other features for instance, users can ‘continue’ or ‘pause’ their recording. It deals with device-to-device synchronization with multiple numbers of devices. Furthermore, the android app can be used for twins.

Feed Baby Pro keeps records of all activities. The Daily Summary screen shows all activities done at each day. Secondly, it also displays the user their own progress with the baby so that they may understand the baby’s activity patterns more.

Feed Baby offers customizable themes for your screen. In case the database gets corrupted, the application automatically saves and restores the data lost. One can also export and email the entire feeding data so that it can be analyzed by the health care. The application also allows the user to turn on or off the push notifications so that the users never have to miss a feed or a medicine dosage.

  1. Pedi Stat

This paid application is made for physicians, paramedics, nurses or any other health care who are involved in taking care of a critically ill pediatric patient. This android app is a medicine dosing app that comes with a user friendly GUI. Pedi Stat is specifically made for stressful critical pediatric environments.

The drug dosage is calculated according to estimated weight, age or length; in case the age or weight of the child is unknown. Once, this requirement is fulfilled, the user is provided with a list of categories of medications. The medicines are displayed in a clear format. It is showing dosage, ranges when appropriate, and other additional information related to side effects.

Pedi Stat also provides the users to use the android app in case they are traveling in an airplane.


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