1&1 Hosting Review

Short Overview:

1&1 Hosting based in United States is a web hosting service that provides web hosting solution at a very cheap price. It is one of the largest and oldest names in the world of Internet. The service is relatively speedier than other companies yet it is not the best among all competitors. It has certain aspects that need to be considered before opting for service yet it is far most the best solution available if price is your benchmark. 1&1 Hosting offers a variety of web hosting packages that are quite detailed and extensive.

Price plan:

1&1 offers various plans that are quite cheaper when you compare theme to other companies in the same domain. It offers a number of domain name extensions whose registration start from $0.99/year to 19.99/year even going up to $39.99/year, depending upon your extension. The basic .com extension is available for $0.99/year. Web hosting plans offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth and are at a mere price of $0.99/month. WordPress hosting is offered in 3 different types; Basic plan at $5.99/month, Unlimited plan at $8.99/month and Performance plan at $14.99/month. Performance web hosting is a special plan that starts at $59.99/month for Performance S package, Performance M at $69.99/month, Performance L at $109.99/month and Performance XL at $149.99/month.

Payment options;

You can pay via a credit card and PayPal which are both secure ways as security is maintained at 1&1. Privacy policy of the company includes that the company would not use customer information to any third party.


When it comes to reliability, 1&1 proves to be the best. The uptime of the service is perfect and they claim to have 99.9% uptime. Although it is primarily based in the US, its performance remains the same around the world. It has added servers at various locations around the world for steady uptime and quick responsiveness, at super high speeds.

1&1 Hosting Features:

1&1 Hosting is a platform that incorporates many areas of web design. It offers web hosting, domain name registration and cloud storage facilities like all other web hosting companies. In addition to this it also helps customers in building their ecommerce websites to take their online business to a higher level. Not only does it provide guidelines and tutorials, it creates easy to use ecommerce websites that include payment procedures, shopping carts and an attractively designed website that is bound to entice visitors.  1&1 offers SEO optimization techniques and advertisement plans. It also offers hosting plans for Microsoft SharePoint with intuitive CMS and fully customizable intranet and extranet solutions.  Microsoft Exchange 2013 offered by 1&1 provides 25 GB storage for every mailbox on Microsoft Outlook and includes a domain name registration. It offers offline access to your emails and has advanced security features. You can check your emails, contacts, addresses, and tasks from anywhere at any time.

Customer Support:

Customer service is remarkable at 1&1. They provide a 24/7 customer facilitation on-call. Other than that you can contact the service center via contact form or online chat service. Any sort of discrepancy and technical problem would be answered concurrently and immediately.


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