Skylanders Superchargers Review

Skylanders Superchargers Review

Skylanders is one of the most popular and successful toy game series. This Skylanders Superchargers Review will provide you an insight of the new features of this newer version of the game. The fame of this series has posed quite a pressure on the makers to bring an equally tantalizing new version. However, Skylanders SuperChargers has met all the expectations and given more to the players. Some people might argue that this version is just a marketing trick with no new features but this fifth series managed to bring certain new features and changes to the previous four versions.

Adding to this Skylanders Superchargers Review the new version brought the following: a new plan of the game’s villain Kaos to the game, vehicles – and lots of them are in the game now, graphics and characterization, which are stronger than ever. Also, the game can now be played through almost all the gaming consoles – Xbox, Play Station etc.  The following are the highlights of this modern Skylanders version.

Skylanders Superchargers Review: Vehicles – A new twist to the game:

The Skylanders SuperChargers is filled with sleek and stylish vehicles – cars, aircrafts and submarines. The toy warriors in the game now drive all those vehicles. The use of stylish vehicles has changed the scenario of the game. The charm has shifted from the toy characters to the toy vehicles. These toy vehicles look much more impressive than the real life toys.

Another thing to add in this Skylanders Superchargers Review is that new game modes have been introduced including the driving and flying based games. These interesting game sessions – the ground vehicle, the water vehicle and the air vehicle game sessions- provide the users with a great gaming experience.

Each session has its share of enemy vehicles and game plot. More over, the gaming experiences in each session is quite different. The ground vehicle session is based mostly on twisted courses and invigorating enemy vehicles. The water vehicles session involves submarines that can be run over and under water. The air vehicle sessions are quite interesting aerial plots but lack the smoothness that prevails in the other two sessions.

However, this inclusion of vehicles has brought a shift in the focus of game from the toy characters to the toy vehicles. The personality of the toy warriors has somehow taken a hit. The prior versions focused more on making the personalities stronger but this version has brought a shift and included sleek vehicles that might be more dominant in personality than the toy warriors.

This version has an addition of a racing section in the game’s activity hub. You can race solo or multiplayer or online across a series of courses, some in the air, some on water and some on the ground!

Skylanders Superchargers Review on Design and Production: Definitely Improved!

The overall game design, graphic and production values are quite better in this version. The game is supported on all the last-gen consoles and tablets. That is, the game can be played online too. The power and features of the newer consoles are used in a manner which gives players high quality graphics. The use of these features also allows for more detailed environment and themes. The water and aerial game plots have been made more realistic by adding some brilliant effects including the clouds and rippling water.

The game music and soundtrack is so good that it hits all the right notes. The music resembles that of an exceptional adventure movie. The music is further enhanced by adding a touch of humor to the voice work. The music attracts players belonging to all the age groups. So, as far as the Skylanders Superchargers Review on its gaming interface is concerned, definitely thumbs up!

The changed plot:

The major change made to the game is brought into attention instantly after starting the game. However, the change in the plot is not explained clearly by the game. The villain, Kaos, has imprisoned Master Eon and took over the Skyland by using the power of the Darkness. Thus the toy heroes Flynn, Cali and Hugo have to interfere. Fortunately, they have found a flaw in Kaos’s plans. The power of SuperCharger Skylanders will be combined with the power of their SuperCharger vehicles to bring Kaos down and save the Skyland.

The addition of the vehicular sessions have added spice to the game, but they are a bit boring and slow initially. However, they become quite interesting as the game continues. The new toys and vehicles are quite cool though. Pairing the right Skylander with the right vehicle gives good benefits and the combo for additional power. You will want the vehicles because they let you get more out of SuperCharger’s secret weapon: a built-in Mario Kart clone. The game courses are quite inventive and detailed, having multiple routes and interesting surprises.

The power ups used in the game are quite intriguing and clever. The game is full of interesting challenges and combos.

Skylanders Superchargers Review Concluding Remarks: 

The newer version of this games is still missing some key features that make a game perfect. These includes the split-screen mode during multiplayer options, stronger personalities of the toy warriors and less costly upgrades. However, this does not mean that this version has failed to get the attention of the gamers. The series’ reputation is still intact due to some exceptional features of the game such as the newer game modes and the fresh plots.

The safe reputation of the Skylanders game series is mostly attributable to the addition of vehicle sessions and racing games. This is because the players find these sessions new, as well as interesting. Also, not to forget in this Skylanders Superchargers Review is that a good feature of the game are the enhanced graphics. The players have been impressed by these graphics as they make the characters, as well as the vehicles look much more attractive than they are in the real world. The sleek and stylish vehicles – cars, motorbikes, submarines and aerial vehicles have added a new focal point in the game.

In light of this Skylanders SuperCharger Review, it may be said that the game has both good and bad points, but it is a success as it has given the gamers many hours of fun!


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