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Mafia III Review: One of the Best Action Packed Game

Mafia III is the latest addition to the Mafia Game Series, which is a series of action packed video games which include action, adventure and tons of other material. Mafia Game Series, is the game published by the 2K Games and developed by Hangar 13. It is being produced for the users of Microsoft Windows, Playstation 1, 2, 3 & 4, Xbox Series and Mac OS X.

Mafia 1st One was issued in 2002 and Mafia 2nd one  was released in 2010.It is a single mode game means that only single will be playing it at one time and will enjoy its action packed adventures.

Evenly, it is an action packed game, thus the use of hit men, cars, real time image, HD graphics, power packed background sound, different characters, different locations, war like situation and many more exciting material is being projected. Mafia Series is a series of games revolve around characters, urban cores, historical places and different context.

Mafia III is as the latest and action packed game to be set into the game loving world and manufacture for the pursuit of the war games lovers. Mafia 3rd, is one of the games which is besides being developed for real war games lovers and fans. It is actually the fan or the audience who loves gaming and are passionate to fulfill it.

Mafia III, likes the last two versions of the game have the same velocity, attraction, speed, strength and ability to fix the attention of every gaming loving audience and their fans specially. The game revolves around the tactics and characters of betrayal, revenge, enemies, friends, past, present and future rivalries. Mafia III revolves around the character and Vietnam war veteran namely as Lincoln Clay as he is led astray by the Italian Mafia and is trying to claim his revenge as well.

The Game, its Tactics and Story:

Mafia III is one of the fantastic action and adventure game. It is popular, famous and attract their fans too. It has made lots of fans around the world due to its graphics, strategy, story and features.

It is the game that acts like an open minded game like the character or games has to do action packed things like shooting, running, riding and even walking too. Evenly, the game’s story revolves about the chronicle of revenge, betrayal and criminals. Therefore, there will be killing and war like situation also.

The tale rolls round the character called Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam veteran soldier, an Afro-American man as he is coming back after the war in New Orleans in the year 1968.The city, New Orleans in the year 1968 is not that wonderful or neither have a sparkling air. As, the city is surrounded by different mob gangs and gangsters. As, a child Lincoln Clay, is an orphanage and doesn’t have a family name. Returning after a war, he the same way find himself. In a solitary place, instead becoming more lonely, Lincoln joins another mob gang, namely as black where he discovers his long substitute father and comrade. He aligns himself with the crew and start taking part in the reprehensible activities.

Revenge and Betrayal in the Mafia III Story Development:

There are multiple gangs working in the New Orleans and operating different operations. As the new Black Gang has built their name in the gangsters society and everyone is afraid of them. And then their competitors and enemies were also surrounding them to eliminate them in a single time.

Ace of the Gang that were their rivals and were finding the right time to kill them were Italian Mobs. This sets the game rivalry and revenge full battle where an Italian mob killed the black mob gang, including Lincoln’s brother and father, the only family he has got and this puts the rivalry where Lincoln battles against the black mob by making his own army of gangs and crime syndicates.

This set the transformation of the metropolis into a new stage where the gang of Lincoln’s Company battle against the black mob where bloody war, killings and mostly the story building up to form an epic conflict.

Characters Names and their Profile:

  • Lincoln Clay: Main Character, Vietnam veteran and an orphanage
  • Black Mob: Main Villain, enemy and killers too.
  • Vito Scaletta: Another main Character and an experienced war participated man

Games Perfect Velocity and quality of Attraction:

Mafia III game’s perfect plot of attraction is its real time perfection, open world strategy and perfect story background like you examine in the Gang War Movies. The complete point of attraction in Mafia III is the open world game in which the user can run freely and live up to his own to bring the specific result as the gamer want, whether in planning, establishing strategy, get a car, firing or shooting from a gun or anything else, in this scenario everything is possible and that’s the beauty of the game.

Secondly, the place, locations, cities and property are selected as like real time image and developed in a such a situation that the user itself become amazed that is he is playing the game or viewing a film itself.

Games Outrage and Weapons Usage:

Mafia III story outrage as it goes around and define above also that it is action packed adventure game, then there will be a bloody warfare in it besides. At war start, the use of weapons also, so there will be shown the use of rifles, shotguns, heavy weapons, bullets, bombs, cars and different kind of other stuffs that are planned or must have to create a war like state of affairs itself.

Games Display Mode of Attraction:

Game display mode of attraction or you can sound out the graphics are like the Ones in the latest Batman Arkham Asylum Game. That produces a sort of attraction and also some interest to find out how the game has been developed or how the game is being built.

Mafia III Requirements and Planned Release by Date:

Minimum things required on a PC, Computer or Laptop:

    • CPU Speed Core 2 Duo (Latest)
    • RAM: 4GB
    • Video Card: GeForce Latest one
    • Sound Card: Yes
  • Disk Space: 35GB

  Suggested things required on a PC, Computer or Laptop:

    •  CPU Speed: Core i5 Latest
    • RAM:8GB
    • OS: Windows 7, 8
    • Picture Card: Ge Force Latest
    • Sound card: Yes
  • Disk space: 35 GB

   Planned Released Date: Expected Date 7th October 2016.


Ultimately, everyone is loving, animated and waiting for the liberation of Mafia III. This is a totally action packed game and every gamer is furiously waiting for it.


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