Halo 5: Guardians Review

Halo 5: Guardians Review

Halo 5: Guardians is offering a good news for the players, that this game is not showing any issues while playing. The servers have been updated and they are running well for about a week now. If you are playing this game, it will not take much longer to load. It is a plus point that it just takes less than two minutes and then it starts with ease. Many games have horrific loading, but Halo 5 came with a very solid working working state. If you will play this game you surely will enjoy it.

The good news:

  • Unlike the previous version, the multi player is pretty much good. Players complained about the previous versions that the multi player was bad. Other than this, the bad part is that, still we will have to face the lack of forge mode and split screen. Then comes Arena that is a good part of Halo 5 that we are provided with the map and routes that are very easy to learn, even the beginners can understand the whole map. The map provides us the patrol routes, routes to the high walkways, all the easy ways to the corridor and also to the open places.
  • There is another characteristic of Halo 5 that was impossible before, and was not available. The Halo 5: Guardians enables the player to pace around all the maps provided and one can create the new routes from the maps. This is because of the transformation of the moves, for example the jump and grab move.

Is Halo 5: Guardians a “must play”?

So the question is that the Halo 5: Guardians is a must play, and better than the other versions or not? It is not only good, but we can say that it is great. There are some best and stunning moves that make it a best choice to play. In comparison with the other versions for example the Halos 4 and Halos 3 have the most dramatic heights, the Halo 5 does not match that excitement of drama. The halo’s 5 is basically based on humor with some humanity. Halo 5 consists of the immense shock. But, we can say that it can be lumbering for some of the people because of the story line and one will feel that there will be missing of soul in it. There are some good points about this version are that it have the brilliant multi player, due to this it can be recommended as the must play for those who have X-box one.

The problem about the version Halo 4 was that it was stuck to the alien world, and much of its duration was based on this. In the Halo 5 there is an opportunity to tour all the unknown spectacular galaxies, to some research stations, remote mining colonies and to other worlds. In Halo 5 there are more opportunities of visit more than alien territory like for example: canyons, the temples of ancient history, caverns. In the case that you are interested in extra territorial game then the Halo 5 is the best ever option for you.

There are some new features in this game. At the start of the game you are not alone, there is a team of four men and you are a part of it. In both the modes, either you are playing co-op or playing as a single player. It is the best feature that you are playing as a team of four for the achievement of the same goal. If you are playing as a single player then the other four team Spartans are controlled by your CPU.

While playing you will  not feel that your team Spartans are playing well and you are just useless or you are the weakest. Instead, you will feel like that you are the best part and the other Spartans are dependent upon you. You will be provided with two specific sets of the rivals, both of them will have the different ranks and weapons to fight.  Their behavior and styles are also changed from each other and it is quite fun to handle them.

Halo 5: Guardians missions:

The missions, even every mission are a series of encounters in which there is a switch and shift between the types of the rival or enemy. In fact more you play the version Halo 5, it seems like that it is a blockbuster movie. Actually, we can say far better than a block buster thrill movie. The Halo 5 are with more action and there is a height of imagination and wonders. But on the other hand it is difficult to believe because there is so much detail in the texture every single thing is with such perfection for example the lightning and the appearance of the enemies and Spartans. Especially the feature of halo’s alien world is amazing in a sense that the architect is beyond the imagination and the one can die for.

The most significant role of the team of the Spartans is just that they add so much drama and character to the whole game. The constant drama of Spartans squads adds an element of energy like for example almost everyone is aware of Cortana that was part of the versions that came before.

The most you will like about the Halo 5 game version is that there are versatile options for the moves; the most amazing part is the selection of weapons that you can rip the enemy apart. The game is full of adventures and those moments of encounters that are amazing and wonderful. This game is perfectly designed if you are a play freak and you surely will love this game due to the new features that is added for you. You can feel it challenging when you continue to play the game and find new things.


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