Divinity: Original Sin II Review

Divinity: Original Sin II Review

This game is one of the most challenging games as its combat and quests are able to compel the players to play. It forces the players to think more hard about the choices and actions they have and they might have during the game. The personality, depth, challenges and the combat allow it to hold in opposition to the likes of the heavy weights like the dragon age most probably.


As far as the regular players are concerned, they gave 9.5 out of 10 as it is amazing all the way.  This new edition is making this game a must play. This is complex and it is known that there is a huge amount of information is needed and this new and advanced version is doing an amazing job in order to display it on the screen and I can easily read it even when I am far away from the screen.


The game pads can be controlled easily. Every member can be managed easily and accordingly as there is smart and intelligent button mapping. The Y or the triangle is giving you the information you need and the B or square comes with the list of actions you are going to take, depends on what are you targeting.

What’s new?

The new PC version comes with the enhanced edition, which gives the special effects and the ultra settings. As far as the mechanics of the game are concerned, they are Euro fantasy aesthetic and humble. On both the consoles, it runs only 30 frames per second and even amid split screen. There are new skills and the areas which are added to the game likewise that are appreciated. These new features are a plus for me to play it, for example, the combat style helps make off hand weapons a bit more feasible, but in case you are already sunk 100 hours to the original then it is not a reason to replay.

What you will discover most interesting is that you are able to play split screen online, this unique inclusion in the game will convince you to play this game. There are many helpful features in the game such as the split screen and the controller support is enhancing the playing experience. These useful features of the game are available in the new upgrade of the PC version that is free for you.

The enhanced edition of Original sin is perfect for you if you are in want of the most skills and stats which you want to consider. Moreover, you can use every line on your character sheet, you can check out the RPG which is more accessible, prettier or less busy. There are numerous new things added to this game which makes it worth playing. It is having its own unique style and subtle tweaks other than the major improvement.

Managing the game:

How to manage the game is totally up to you that how you do it and go with the game, your smallest actions can have the unexpected results and sometimes for the bigger actions there is no consequence of the same. There is an option for you that you can steal and kill whatever and whoever you want to, but the locals wonder that what is going all around and there is a thief in their city and they show the reaction to this.

The game is offering you with a soft opening like you will have to connect with the people and check out what is going all around you. You will spend a couple of hours doing the same such as messing with the people and stealing something to check out the reaction of the locals. If you start a fight with the locals for not reason apparently you will be able to check out the reaction, you will do this for many hours.

Action points:

You will need to work for your own and see that how it will help you to proceed in the game. This game is basically focused on combat with its open world environment and highly interactive interface. There is a turn based system that is comparable with some other games. The characters have the set number of action points which they use in each turn and you can use them to attack, on moving, using items and casting the spells. So, these action points are pretty much important for you to carry out the tasks in the game. The players ran out of the action points many times, but still tried to save them.


For most people the combat may not be unique, but the interactivity of the game ought to be the point of interest for them. There are classic elements of the earth, fire, water and air that will seem much interesting for you. There is much more than this, like you can make it rain and there will be pebbles created by the rain, you can fire the lighting and thunder storm to astonish the foes. Likewise, you are able to tip the oil on the ground and then you can set the fire on that oil. The ice blocks can also be created and in this way you can freeze the enemies.

Any changes made in the weather have some kind of effect, but there are many other tricks and traps in the game such as simply try to talk and help you get rid of the trouble. You need to consider the original PC version in order to have all the features. This was known for its clunky and sloppy interface, but the new upgrade is shockingly pretty much well. The complex control system makes it easy to use and work out on a game pad without having any kind of problem in this regard.

Final words:

The record of the game is still difficult to use, but when you use it on PC they are still awkward and there is nothing new in this connection. There are various focal points of this new upgrade with a lower amount of downsides so it is worth playing and you surely will enjoy playing this game.


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