Top 3 Android games

The world of Android consists of a large collection of amazing applications. Different apps have been developed to serve various purposes. A huge number of entertaining apps consists of Android games. There are paid as well as free games available in the Play Store for users. Some of these games have created history by ruling the world. People all around the world are addicted to them and everyone spends free time playing at least one of these wildly popular games. Read on to find out more about the top 3 Android games.

Candy Crush Saga

A very simple yet extremely addictive game – Candy Crush Saga – has millions of players all around the world. It involves eliminating candies on the basis of color. Each level consists of different arrangements of candies along with interesting special candies which unlock as the levels progress. You cannot rest unless you finish one level!

The earlier stages are easy to play. The more advanced levels take more time for you to be successful. Often, it takes days to figure out how to achieve victory at a certain level. As the game progresses, users are required to invite friends in order to unlock the next level. This can be done by sending a Candy Crush invitation on Facebook. Alternatively, users also have the option to pay in order to unlock a level right away. Most users are so eager to get to the next level that they wouldn’t mind paying for it.

Temple Run

Another one of the top Android games is Temple Run. This highly addictive game is available in the Play Store for free. It has been downloaded by eager users all over the world for over a zillion times. This is proof of the game’s popularity.

Temple Run was released back in 2011. Today, after a few years, it is still ruling the hearts of Android gamers. In fact, the popularity of the game prompted the developers to create a sequel to the game – Temple Run 2. The sequel is just as popular as the game’s first version.

The game involves avoiding obstacles and enemies as the main character runs through a temple. It really causes the adrenaline to rush as you are chased by foul creatures and have to jump at the exact right point in order to avoid losing a life.

Subway Surfers

Last but not the least, Subway Surfers is another sensation for Android gamers all over the world. It follows the same pattern as Temple Run since it involves running and avoiding obstacles. However, it is more colorful and brighter than Temple Run. In addition, the game is perfect for kids who might find Temple Run to be a little scary.

The game involves your utmost attention as you have to steer carefully in order to avoid bumping into trains. Run fast, slide and jump at the right points and evade the police officers who are following you.

It is another free game available in Android’s Play Store. Therefore, users can download it and enjoy it without having to pay for any charges.


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