Top Android Business Applications

The need for android business applications is increasing day by day. Not only it is required in business, but also, has become a requirement to organize a business. While doing business, these apps often help users build relationships, loyalty, reinforce the users’ brand and even connect the users with on-the-go customers.

Users, nowadays, have a likeness towards using mobile apps rather than browsing on the mobile web. This may be because mobile apps tend to work faster, function offline, are always visible on the mobiles home screen and allows the user to enable notifications so that they may contact with their customers directly.

Some top grossing business apps at the Google Play store are as follows:

OfficeSuite 8 + PDF Converter

Installed on over 160 million devices around the world, this android business application has won the PCMag and Google Play editors’ choice awards. This app is your very own Office Suite in your hand. The Office Suite gives users a familiar desktop-style interface. It lets the user view, edit and even create documents including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The developers have given users full compatibility options with Microsoft formats. In addition to this, it offers many in-app purchases which the users can take advantage of.

As for the PDF Converter feature; this android business application allows users to convert to and from a PDF document. It supports PDF files including PDF camera scanning, export to PDF, security, digital signatures, permissions management and even adding annotations.

The OfficeSuite is integrated to the mobile browser. In addition to this it offers sharing via cloud, email, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Invoice2go – Invoice App

Invoice2go also ranks high in android business applications for providing smart, fast and easy way to estimate, bill, credit memos, collect and report. It is the perfect application to invoice and then to email it to the customer directly from your smartphone.

As one of the best business applications for android users, it offers users canny features like customizing their own invoice through the given templates. With over twenty different invoice templates, Invoice2go is ideal for both product and service businesses. Through a cloud account users can synchronise their smartphones and cloud with all the documents. The app allows users to add their PayPal buttons to their invoices so that their customers can pay them on time.

Invoice2go allows their users to keep track of their products, suppliers and creditors. Additionally, it calculates taxes and totals them for the users. Along with this, it has reporting tools which helps users analyze their business more efficiently.

Facebook Pages Manager

With around fifty million installs, Facebook Pages Manager is being listed among the top android business applications on the Google Play store. It is listed in the Business section primarily because it helps businesses create and manage their commercial page on the world’s largest social networking website.

Being one of the most reliable business applications this app comes with a user friendly interface, that allows users to connect to their audience instantly. It helps them keep up with the activity going on multiple pages. Users can post updates, photos and reply to comments easily. The app allows users to view and reply to all the messages they receive on the respective pages. Lastly, it gives them an option to get notifications for any reminders, activities or tips.


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