Top 5 Free iOS Applications

With more than a million applications available on the iTunes store, one can get confused on which application to download. Nonetheless, one can pick apps from the already listed apps on the iTunes store. The top five free iOS apps can be seen as follows:

  1. Trivia Crack

This is the top application on the Apple iTunes store right now in both free and paid app sections. This application gets friends into an epic battle of knowledge in categories like Science, Geography, Art, Entertainment, Sports and History. The strategic point in order to win the trivia is to be the first to win all the six categories. With over a thousand questions, bright interface, dynamic animations and constant updates, the application never gets old. The app is available in languages like English, Spanish, French, German and the list increases with each update. However, the only drawback considered in this free app is that it comes with classified ads which are not to be seen in the paid app.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Available in more than twenty languages the Facebook Messenger is being listed in the top charts of the Apple iTunes store. Reach your friends and family instantaneously. The Messenger app is very similar to the messaging app in an iPhone. It is just like texting. However, you do not have to pay for every text you send. Depending on your data packet plan; you can not only send a simple text message, but also, make calls, group chats, send pictures and videos and even record an audio message for your receiver. Once synchronized to your phone, the Messenger app not only works for the contacts on your Facebook profile but also for contacts on your phone. It comes with many other features, one of them including; knowing when people have seen your messages.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is considered to be the top social networking sites nowadays. It is available to users over the age of thirteen. With the help of Facebook, one stays connected with friends and family at all times. You can share updates, pictures, videos and location. In addition to this, you can text, chat, have group conversations and even play your favorite games using your favorite apps.

  1. Instagram

People are social. They like to stay connected with their fellow friends and family through the social media. They like telling others what they are seeing, doing or eating. Instagram has made it easier for users to share pictures and videos directly from their mobile phones. Nor does it only allows users to share a picture taken, but it also allows one to add location and caption and even edit them. With the help of editing effects like blur effects, filters, lux and other picture enhancement effects anyone can become an artist!

  1. Youtube

This application allows user to share videos and enjoy them endlessly. Moreover, you can subscribe to your desired channels and get notifications of whenever a video is uploaded. Once connected to the Internet one can enjoy the world’s largest collection of videos and play-lists anytime you want.


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