Top 5 Free Android Applications

Free applications? Oh yes! Everyone loves free applications. And there is more than one can imagine on the Google Play store. Thanks to the ‘open source’ nature of Google, millions of developers around the world are contributing to the ever growing Google Play store. Thus, making applications available free of cost to users around the world.

So, here are the top five applications on android:

  1. Facebook Messenger

With more than one billion downloads the Facebook Messenger tops our and Google Play Store’s free android applications listing. Reach your friends and family instantly. The Messenger app is very similar to the messaging app in a smartphone. It is just like texting. However, you do not have to pay for every text you send. Depending on your data packet plan; you can not only send a simple text message, but also, make calls, group chats, send pictures and videos and even record an audio message for your receiver. The messenger not only works for the contacts on your Facebook profile but also for contacts on your phone. It comes with many other features, including; knowing when people have seen your messages, searching for people or groups to respond to them quicker, turn on location, check out who is active and inactive on Messenger, turn on/ off notifications or stay logged in.

  1. WhatsApp Messenger

Similar to the Facebook Messenger application, WhatsApp Messenger helps you connect to your friends over the internet and is the 2nd most demanded free android applications. Once installed, it integrates to your phonebook automatically. Your contacts who have already installed WhatsApp Messenger on their smartphones will be automatically displayed. There are no hidden costs in using it. Once connected to the internet, you can send unlimited short messages and multimedia messages to your contacts. Moreover, there are no hidden charges over sending international messages. The app stores offline messages so that it can be readily available during the next application use. Another exciting feature that it holds is; broadcasting messages. This means that the user can send message to the entire contact list within a few steps.

  1. Twitter

If you are social media addict, then you must be addicted to Twitter as well. Twitter ranks as the 3rd most popular free android applications. This social platform has more than 500 million users and handles over several billions of tweets per day. The app supports multiple languages and therefore is one of the easiest to use for people around the world. People can follow you and your tweets or you can follow tweets of other people and the application provides instant updates on any activity that takes place on your messages.

  1. Dailymotion

This application allows user to share videos and enjoy them in high definition. Moreover, you can subscribe to your desired channels and get notifications of whenever a video is uploaded. One can even watch videos offline after synchronizing to them.

  1. Skype

Video conferencing, text messaging and video messaging are few of the many features that Skype offers its users. With over 250 million users, one can talk to friends and family at anytime and anywhere. It is a tool that connects it users locally and internationally. We cannot just connect over the internet, but also, make low cost local calls on mobiles and landlines.


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