Top 5 AntiVirus for Protecting your PC

Top 5 AntiVirus for Protecting your PC

Computer system one of the most potent and intelligent machines ever made by the human being but it also got some mistake, error or danger too. The danger is of the viruses that it cannot merely destroy your information, but also can hack your PC to take mastery of it.

Viruses do not come off-and until or unless you download some software/data from the internet and in another case you want to send the information/software from another source via USB, CD, DVD or any informant, but don’t worry at all every problem has a solution also and in your case it’s the Antiviruses which will not only protect your data, but also will not accept any other source hacking or control your PC.

Viruses come in the shape of:

  • Mastery Over Your PC: 

    Viruses often slow down your computer, it makes shortcut folders, it overcomes your personal mastery in your PC and it deletes your important data too in short called as malware control.

  • Collecting Personal Information:

    Collecting personal information, messages, communication contacts and other data which in your personal usage are the spyware controls.

  • Secretly Spying Your PC:

    Checking your personal data, secretly spying the PC, making the computer hang, file deletion, stealing the personal codes and making you fool, this is a Trojan Horse spying virus.

More or less of the Antiviruses that will not only assist in overcoming these situations, but they are             also free and gentle to employ as well.

List of the best and strong 5 antivirus for the personal protection of your PC:

Bit Defender Antivirus for Full Control Protection:

Bit defender, is one of the best antivirus not only for the data protection but also available for free and is made for the protection of the whole computer system. Bit defender is one of the antivirus that can not only protect your PC from the unknown danger, including cutting, file deletion or computer hanging issue but also can with draw them and defeat them before their procedure.

Bit defender is free, easy going to apply, it can block and protect your all your data from the certain elements like spyware, malware or trojan that is trying  to overcome your PC settings and taking control over it. Bit defender is not exclusively available for PC but also for mobile security as well. It comprises also some packages including

  • Internet control
  • Parental control feature
  • Total Security
  • Mobile control as well.

It is known to be best because it makes the PC healthy and useful for its control. Besides its packages it also incorporates the quick scan and full scan of your PC within a couple of minute’s search the hidden virus and eliminate from their origin. Bit defender works for all windows, including XP, 7, 8, 10 as well.

  1. Norton Security for Ultimate use of PC:

 Norton security or antivirus is also is one of the best antivirus also because it also has the capability of all protection, including internet & antivirus as well. It not only got rid of viruses, but it also further limit them, stop them and slay them. Norton Antivirus has also contain all the feature of USB virus protection, quick scan, full scan, manual protection and all over protection too.

Norton can prevent certain hacking or take control of the PC from the unknown element or virus that can delete, transfer, move and destroy the data. Norton Antivirus can work in all windows XP, 7, 8, 10.

  1. Avast Antivirus for better usage of PC:

 Avast antivirus is also one of the best protection for your PC as it can scan and search the hidden viruses and delete them at once for all. Avast antivirus is also free and soft to use as it has the capability to to remove Virus through its extra tools including USB remove virus, fast scan, Full Scan and virus removal tools which will not only virus from your PC, but also will maintain the surety then are frozen as easily.

Avast antivirus will also allow your PC don’t  take command over it or over use, but also will reject certain types of control virus like Trojan or spyware. Avast works for all windows, including XP, 7, 8, 10 as well.

  1. ESET Antivirus for letting the PC be Strong:

Another best antivirus in the name after bit defender and avast. As it also possesses the capability of rescuing your PC from viruses and unwanted softwares. It is designed as for the elimination of viruses like spyware, Trojans and malware.

ESET also assures that the information is not deleted or the PC is not ended due to hanging problem. This antivirus also has the capacity to transfer the mysterious element which is disturbing your PC, making the exercise of the personal and relocating it. It possesses all the specifications of Quick scan, Full Scan and USB virus removal also it can manually control your PC and let it use up full mastery over any secret element viruses. ESET is also usable and can used for all Windows.

  1. Kaspersky Antivirus for making PC for best use:

Kaspersky is the 5th antivirus built for the removal of certain virus, secret elements and disturbing the PC. It is designed as for the elimination of viruses like spyware, Trojans and malware. Like other antivirus software is has also the capability of USB virus protection, manual protection, scan and quick scan of the viruses from the PC.

Kaspersky also can protect the PC from overcoming or going into the hand of another informant, including hacking or file deletion. Kaspersky is far behind or does not have the features of parental control or internet protection. Kaspersky deletes the malware virus that can claim the authority of the PC commands. Kaspersky is also use able for all Windows variants.

These are some of the best antivirus that can not only prevent the PC and its data from hacking, deletion, hanging, but also will protect your data not to go to other hands.


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