Secret Tips, Features and Their Usage for iOS 9

Secret Tips, Features and Their Usage for iOS 9

It’s not that easy to have a lot of useful stuff in one mobile phone to have like data monitoring, data usage, wifi usage, battery usage and different useful stuff but that is possible.

Yes, Ios 9 mobile having the latest technology and usage is here not only to guide you but also you persist to use it. These phones having the besides having made up of the latest technology are of great usage also because they contain many invisible, but visible features that not only helps you but also make you follow the right path to select the right data in terms of battery, data, wifi and phone usage.

They are not difficult as you do not have to read the instruction book of IOS 9 but they will also save you lots of precious and prestigious time too.

Invisible and Secret data hidden in IOS 9:

  1. Search for Shortcuts:

Yes, the shortcuts for searching anything, including contacts, video and messaging using them instantly as it is easily available on the home screen.

  1. Battery Saviour:

The IOS 9 also includes one of the finest feature of battery saving not only for a limited, but to save your battery for a life time and any time you want when battery reaches below or near 20%.

Go to the Settings>Battery>turn on the lower power mode option

To save your phone battery and use it for a long time.

  1. WiFi Guidance and Look after Connectivity:

WiFi, as the name suggest one of the most used feature of the smartphones nowadays, including downloading, streaming, uploading and much more.

Obviously, WiFi uses more data, including the apps like whatsapp, Skype, Imo and other different apps that use WiFi connection or access have also data usage.

So at this stage when these apps and other things/stuff is in usage you have to get a proper WiFi connection so to avoid data loss and interruption too.

In that case, comes another best feature of the Ios 9, the WiFi guidance feature and Look after connectivity features means this one will look after your WiFi Signals and their quality. If the WiFi signals are poor, this feature will automatically will go to back to your mobile packet data connection 3G/4G and will further guide you also.

Just go to mobile phone Settings>go the Cellular option>Press/Touch the WiFi Assist option to further on it to use Mobile 3G/4G Connection.

  1. What to do and when to do list in Notes:

This is the list which reminds you, you have to make some plans, schedule a meeting, going for interview, wishing someone and doing all the stuff which you have to must remember and do also.

  • Now you can add some different stuff, including videos and photos in to do list Notes also
  1. Quickly Selecting all the Photos:

Now selecting all the photos is possible at one time in IOS 9 for shuffling, deleting, & shifting.

Just Go the Photos>Tap or Press Select> all your photos will be selected and you do that want to.

  1. The Code comes your rescuer:

For your personal security in case of mobile snatching, mobile lost or mobile code forgotten comes to the rescue of your own phone.

As an update already been done before, the code which was a 4-Digit Code is now being converted to a 6-Digit Code for better security and usage.

Just go to the settings of your IOS phone>tap or press Passcode>enter or change the code

  1. Saving the Documents in the Phone:

Now losing of documents in case of any misplace, confusion and other things are not possible when saving the data or you are in a hurry and that’s the moment you say. Oh! I should save that.

In IOS 9, it’s possible to save your data, mail, attachments and other necessary data in the driver folder option too.

While attaching your mail you have once tapped the attached>press or tap save attachment>save on the drive.

  1. Selecting everything faster:

Now, as everything is very rapidly advancing and features also. So, the selection process of the IOS 9 also becomes faster in terms of the photo selection, video, data and even text.

Just putting a finger on the screen will let you select text and everything in quick and fast way.

  1. Migrating from Android User to IOS 9:

Now, this is much easier and time saving too in terms of mobile data transfer, it beats them all as it has numerous ways to transfer its data from Android Users to IOS ones.

There are numerous apps like move all your data, phone to phone transfer data apps that will not only help you to let select your data but also transfer it easily without any loss or interruption.

  1. Invisible Photos:

Now with this app you can easily invisible your photos from your photos or albums.

Just Select the photos you want them to be over looked or invisible >  Tap or press share icon and simple hide them from your eyes and in your mobile too.

  1. Arithmetic Calculations:

Now, there is a surety and its quite easy to use the features, another feature is the number calculation one.

In IOS 9,  in its search bar you can easily add, sub, divide or multiply anything and any number you want to.

  1. Listening Sound Quality Music:

When listening music you have to enjoy it whether it is streaming or downloaded. Music is an enjoyment that should not be interrupted, so in this case you have to let the music streaming set on mobile data package usage.

  1. All Usage Data in a single phone:

All the data usage and all the apps using their data usage and it can either slow down the phone or hang it, but in IOS 9, there is no such thing.

You just have to look out that how much data is being used or is a waste.

Just delete them and your phone is now free from all wastage and is working properly too.

Just Go to the Mobile Setting>tap or press data usage option>erase the unuseable or waste data.

That’s all with these tips you cannot only make better use of IOS 9 Mobiles but also can take advantage of its latest and surprising features too.


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