Personal Android Applications

Thanks to hundreds of personal android applications, smartphones are being used for social means on such a huge level now, that one can easily forget the most basic functions in their little electronic books. It carries everything; from your personal contact data to your marked calendar dates. And the modern android applications have made the smartphones capable of so much more.

The Google Play store offers apps that can be used every day. Such personal android applications may be used for keeping a daily diary, organizing the grocery list or even managing the family finances. There are loads of apps on the Play store to help you do your personal tasks every day; some of them are as follows:

  1. Weather and Clock Widget Android

This application provides the users with time and detailed weather for cities worldwide. It searches for the user’s location via zip code or location services in the smartphone. It provides them with the current temperature, humidity, wind speed and pressure. Not only a day’s weather report, but it also allows users to see seven, ten days and hourly weather reports. It shows sunrise and sunset times. Furthermore, it shows the moon phase as well.

It gives users to edit the appearance of the widget by changing the background theme, color and transparency. Additionally, it gives the option to change the text color and enable or disable its shadow. This widget can be resized according to the size of the home screen of the smartphone.

The widget offers users to share weather information with friends. Users can also add more than one city to their widgets at a time. It is available in 37 different languages.

  1. Over

Over is the perfect application for adding text and artwork to pictures. The app provides its users with beautiful artwork from a number of different artists to add them to their pictures. The artwork is provided for all kinds of occasions. It presents inspirational words to add to the photos.

The application also offers its users to edit pictures. Using this app, they can resize, rotate, fade, crop and stretch their text. And when the picture is edited, it can be shared with friends via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other platforms.

  1. Backgrounds HD Wallpapers

Want different wallpaper every day for your smartphone? With over forty million installs this application is the best available app in the Google Play store. It provides over ten thousand custom-made unique wallpapers. Moreover, new wallpapers are added on a daily bases. It offers more than twenty-five different categories.

  1. Lettrs

Lettrs is 2014’s Best Android App Winner. Send your messages while getting creative at the same time. Use stamps, styles and sign your own messages and send them to friends around the world.

Users can write or dictate their messages and send them with themes, fonts, fonts and custom-made stamps. The messages can be sent via SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and much more. Users can even send messages in weekly contests for prizes. One can even contact and write to global influencers like Paulo Coelho, Michelle Phan and many more.


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