Must Have Apps for Android Phone

Must Have Apps for Android Phone

There are virtually tons of android applications out there on single hub, the Google Play Store by which you can fancy your Android smartphone. The Google Play Store is a one stop shop where you’ll find a list of amazing application. So, here is the list of absolutely must have Android applications.

Android Device Manager:

First up is the Android Device Manager which certainly of good reasons. Let’s say you just got your new Android smartphone stolen. Android Device Manager has been developed by Google and maintained yet exceedingly essay to use, comes along with the basic function by which you can track you smartphone and wipe your device completely to get them off with dirty hands. There several other apps out there with additional features but this one is the bare minimum that everybody should consume in device recovery.


Consider about just how much time you spend reading on your smartphone. Even if you’re not a bookworm or New York Times subscriber, you’re probably always scanning and scrolling through text, and probably doing it across multiple apps. Chances are, you’re going to come across a word you don’t know at some point.

Define make available a method to search for any word you’re uncertain of or inquisitive about, in of any kind application you’re using. Basically by highlighting the transcript and pressing copy, you bring up a bland notification, which you can then tab to acquire a definition and usages of the term in question.

You can download two thesauruses, Livio and Wordnet, to use it while your offline, and there’s even the support of Urban Dictionary while you’re linked to a network.


It is certain that individuals ultimately start wondering if they can attach their smartphone with their PC in a manner that’ll let them receive notifications and the similar on their PC. Pushbullet agrees you to do just like that. You can see all of your notifications, even send text messages, send documents to your smartphone via PC and vice versa, and not just that Pushbullet allows a lot of additionalthings to make working mutuallywith your devices at ease.


Swift-Key went through tons of alterations this last year and still stands up among the best widely held and best keyboards ever. Its predictive text is just excellent and it sort out great auto correcting job as soon as you clarify it exactly how you type. There are loads of themes to pick from that you can buy through in app buying containing Material Design and some additional vibrant and jovial themes. It’s an ultimate replacement keyboard with tons of options for customization.


Most of us look through content on various devices and bookmark or email ourselves stuffs to read well along when we’re on a bus,anairplaneor in the back seat of a car. Pocket unites all of your digital reading contents (images,videos, articles,) at a single spot and on an uncontaminated, minimalist interface. It synchronizes across your devices, and you don’t requisite an Internet connection to read the material you direct to Pocket. Tap the “how to save” option for a list of all the options that you can send through to Pocket the stuffs you desire to read far ahead, be they links from browsers from your, mobile,  PC or even from your email inbox, Flipboard or similar application like Twitter and Zite. It takes a several steps to set it up, but as soon as you do, you’re on the way not just to your journey’s end, but to digital organization.


Numerous user of the Android smartphone are not responsive of this particular application. This app on its own can expressively advance smoothness and the stability, of the device to greater extent. It makes switching between the application very suave, User interface inclusive will be lag free, and you can own feel it. This is professional app will be worth all the money. Remember, this application do not expand the performance but in its place create a very smooth and stable experience.


Todoist is a to-do list application that assists you to keep trail of the stuffs you have to do. You can put it usage to jog your memory to do everything from supermarket run to picking up the children from football training and even things like work associated doings. It works on a Karma structure where you get points for doing everyday jobs and you can do things like generate repeating jobs and bring them together into diverse groupings. It’s an influential and simple application to support in keep you on path.


Last and surely not least is the very popular Zedge. With this application you can discover a metric ton of alarm tones, notification tones, ringtonesand countless wallpapers. The ones that originated on your phone are most likelygood-looking but who doesn’t want more every time. You can find material from all varieties of sources like sound effects, funny stuff, and variousmovie quotes. The wallpapers are regularlyupdated and feature all categories of thingsscrolling from seasonal and holiday wallpapers to astronomical, sceneries, and graphic arts. It’s an applicationthat every smartphone user must at least check out.

ES File Explorer:

Most Android smartphones has their own custom built file manager but they are in comparison pretty much pastel in to ES File Explorer. This ES File Exploreris a filledwith all the features for file browsing that lets you manage your SD card, your downloads folder, and the additional folders on your smartphone. To stay organized or search archives you downloaded recently this is application would be an excellent add to the lot and it’s entirely free.

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy compromises a load of tremendous developments in a collection of subjects like mathematics, financial side, physical science, biology, and many more. The Android application let you watch tutorials, read transcriptions and trail your evolvement from end to end lessons and this all for without any charge.


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