MS Office 2016 For MS Windows

MS Office 2016 For MS Windows

MS Office 2016 is software which is used in all over the world. Microsoft Corporation includes Microsoft words, excel, power point, access, publisher and outlook. Each program serves different purposes.

Microsoft office helps business to keeps its transaction in an organized manner. It helps to keep proper and neat documentation in a quicker and easier way.

This is the only software that is widely used by all over the world. It is a friendly user. People do not require special training to use this software.

    • Microsoft Office 2016 application includes words, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, InfoPath, Publisher and Lynch.
    • Microsoft Office 2016 for home includes Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal, Office for students, and Office for Mac, Office Online, and Compare Options.
    • Microsoft Office 2016 for business includes Plans and Pricing, for enterprise, for IT, Government agencies, Academic Institutions, Nonprofits.
  • Microsoft Office 2016 includes other business product such as Exchange, Share point, One drive for business, Skype for Business, Project, Visio, Yammer, Power BI, and Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft has always refined its versions for its users. This version of 2016 is a bet ahead as compared to last versions of MS. If we compare with office 2013, that version was focused on storing documentation on the cloud and some touch improvements. Where as, office 2016 is designed to make sharing easier across all devices.

Now MS Office 2016 is not restricted to your PC or laptops. But you can also create; edit documents on your phones or tablets without worrying to move your file manually.

This new version of Microsoft Office makes collaboration and teamwork easier. It has new features such as shared notebooks, co-authoring and simplified sharing and so on.

The new features of this version gets more elaborate when you start working in a team or with other team member using time saving group functions built in Outlook.

While using MS Office 2016 you will feel changes when one or more user’s starts editing in words, PowerPoint and one – note simultaneously.

What’s new in MS Office 2016?

  • MS Office 2016 has a feature called insights by Bing-powered. Its function is to look for information, websites and new-stories for selected words. There are finger-friendly cursors that controls and gives ease in text selection. Copy/pasting and tapping on a spelling mistake will bring up a touch menu for replacement words. Co-editing, track changes and comments are also available.
  • MS Office 2016 Excel has also touch-friendly which helps boosting a status bar that lets us switching sheets in our workbook and results are viewed of common formulas for selected cells. Snap functions and smart scrolling which makes tapping in spreadsheet data which helps process easier.
  • In MS Office 2016 PowerPoint has useful range of editing tools.
  • Office has introduced cloud-based presentation app called sway. It helps free download even if you don’t have the rest of office. Sway creates presentations that are digital equivalent. It allows anyone to create beautiful websites from just images and text without any effort.
  • “Tell me what you want to do”, this features give a lot of convenience to its users. This feature is present on the top-line menu. It helps you to find a feature without opening various tabs. You have two choices, either type Alt-Q to start typing in the box and drop down menu lists which matches for the words you type or click tell me box. This feature is present in three apps Words, Excel and Power point.

New Features for Tablet Users:

Another new feature MS Office 2016 for tablet users is that you can draw an equation on touch screen and office will turn those equations into typist form.

Office 2016 is one universal application with its versions available for any modern web browser, desktop and mobile platform.

Old and New Versions Compared:

  • This version has vivid- solid color treatment familiar from Windows 10. By this feature you can choose black background for the menu. It will help you to focus your attention on your document.
  • The top-line menu also features tweaks like lower case labels on tabs instead of old all capital style.
  • The old research pane feature was present in old version of MS. It was removed in office 2013 but re-introduced in office 2016 called Smart lookup. It is new online research feature containing Wikipedia and other web-search information, shows definition from Oxford Dictionary for the selected search word or text.
  • In Excel, this new version includes different types of charts such as pareto charts, sunburst and waterfall charts which shows cumulative changes in a series, unlike in old version.
  • In Excel, It has forecasting features as well that creates forecast charts based on existing data and gee-whiz graphic features like an animated transformation.

Old but quality features that are still there in MS Office 2016:

This version still includes;

  • Page Layout = used for preparing menus and posters.
  • Access database app = helps building custom data – driven applications.
  • Word’s Master Document: helps to edit chapters as separate files

New Features in Outlook 2016:

Some outlook new features are only visible for the users of office 365 and some features are available for all. Like;

  • Attaching a link to a file on your One drive instead of attaching the file itself.
  • Drop box, it includes mail messages and your ability to update a document after sending the link.
  • Group messaging feature called Slack. This features helps team members to message to a group, share files etc.
  • Clutter features, to keep low-priority message out of inbox. It also prioritizes your emails.

Feature Updates in MS Office 2016:

In the month of November, 2015;

  • Morph → In PowerPoint
  • Designer → In PowerPoint
  • Calendar Insights Templates →In Excel
  • Financial Templates → In Excel
  • More Send As Option →In words and PowerPoint
  • Insert Video Online → In OneNote

Words excel, power point and one note are the most essential and most used application of Office. Microsoft has prioritized these four apps and maximizes its quality. This new version of Microsoft does not require any retraining for those who are users of MS 2013, as this version features are smoothly slotted in with the previous one.


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